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Enhance Your Health Condition While You Travel
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Travelling regardless if it is for business or for pleasure can affect your fitness regimen and compromise your health.  It is just easy for you to consume an elevated amount of calories since you are on a vacation.  In addition, you do not have an access to your fitness equipments, which prevents you from completing your daily training exercise.  But when you choose to travel to Thailand, you will realize that you can not only stay in shape, but you can also enjoy the prime destination of the country.


Choosing Your Training Camp


When you are looking for a Muay Thai gym, you may need to consider the level of experience and the type of experience that you are hoping for.  There are essential two types of camp in Thailand, the local gyms which mostly cater the local and professional fighters and the gyms at the rural areas are inclined on supporting the foreigners. If you are planning to learn the combat sport, we recommend the camps that are geared towards the foreigners.  In most cases, they are better equipped, and they also have outstanding facilities.  This is also the ideal choice for the beginners.  Most of the trainers here can speak English which will allow them to relay the instruction clearly.


For the prospective fighters and the professionals, the training camp will also be adequate since the regimen will normally be tedious and rigorous.  Additionally, you will also be surrounded with individuals who have the same passion for the sports, and they are commonly located on places where the major tourist destinations are located.  In case you want to mix your vacation with your Muay Thai, consider going to camps located near the attractions and activities.


·       Thai Camp- Camps that are situated on the rural locations like Chiang Mai tend to be a bit selective when it comes to the foreign trainees.  But in case you have been accepted by them, they will provide you with the vital Thai experience.  Aside from improving your health and achieving a toned body, you will also learn the local language since not most of them can speak English.


·       Smaller Gym- The smaller type of gym normally accepts the foreign Muay Thai trainees.  However, this may not be ideal if you are planning to create a relationship between you and the trainer due to the huge amount of trainees. 

 The Muay Thai Training

 Learning Muay Thai in Thailand may be the most exhausting and grueling experience.  However, it is also an enjoying and memorable experience.  This will not only be rewarding in terms of your health and your physique, but it will make your travel unique and fulfilling. Suwit Muay Thai training camp in Thailand @ Phuket | MMA | Fitness is a good place to learn Muay Thai . Your training will start with a morning run that will last for approximately 2-3 hours.   For the beginners, they should set a limitation based on their condition and gradually increase their regimen as they improve.  You will have to train for at least 6 days per week, and the level of exercise will be different depending on the camp. 


Improve your health and enjoy travelling while learning Muay Thai by choosing the training camp that will provide you with the best solution.

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