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The Best Growth Supplements for Dogs
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We all love dogs. And just like our children, we want them to grow big, strong and healthy. The good thing is that you can achieve the required growth of your hound by using the following growth supplements.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a yellow pigment that is found on plant surfaces. The substance can also be found in commercial food supplements that are packed and sold by different manufacturers. This vitamin is very important in the development of puppies. For the best effect, you should give the food to your puppy while he is still growing so that he can grow to his full potential.

Vitamin A is also very helpful in the development of puppy hair and skin. A dog that is well nourished with vitamin A will also have great night vision. This is very important especially considering that some dogs act as night guards. For more information on paws pet supplements read here.

The optimum growth formula

If you have a pregnant fido in your home, you can give it the growth formula. The growth formula is designed to enable your pregnant hound have a healthy fetus. And to help the fetus grow, the formula is enriched with calcium and vitamin C.  

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is ideal for any dog. This is especially for puppies that are growing and need proper calcium formation. Vitamin D has many benefits to cur’s bones, nerves and muscles. If your puppy is adequately supplied with vitamin D, they will also be able to hold calcium for longer.

Vitamin B Complex

Research has revealed that tykes that are deficient of vitamin B are stunted in growth, have problems with the heart and are poor eaters. Therefore, it is advisable for dog owners to get the supplement for their pet should they notice the above signs. In addition to the growth, the supplement prevents your dog from developing bladder stones. The disease is one of the main killers for dogs in the recent times.

Sure grow 100

Sure grow 100 is one of the most important supplement for your mutt. This is because the product is loaded with a number of beneficial nutrients for your fido namely: calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D and phosphorous. This product is ideal for developing puppies especially during their rapid growth periods. Most experts advise that this product promotes the maximum growth of bones, muscles and teeth.


The above are some of the best growth vitamins and minerals for your tyke. And to ensure that your dog derives the maximum benefits from the supplement, you need to not only get the product from a reputable manufacturer, but also that you use the product as instructed. If you use these products correctly, you will notice an improvement in both growth and health of your mutt.

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