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Stay in Budget while Studying Abroad: 5 Tips to Save Money!
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Studying abroad is not budget friendly. Traveling, food, residence and other expenses might get out of the budget. But it is not the case with every foreign city or country. To make your global trip thrilling and memorable, you need to consider the following tips to save money.

  • Plan In Advance

It is a smarter move to plan your budget in advance. You should contact the overseas college or university and search over the internet about the cost of living and other expenses. Now many people share their studying experience by writing blogs. So, reading blogs and contacting different people might help you plan your budget in advance. Moreover, if your friends or any family member have been to your study destination, get information from them. They can guide you in a better way. Always keep 10-15% cash for unexpected events.

  • Search For International Scholarship Programs

In case, you cannot afford to study overseas then it is not the end of the story. You can apply for grants from the home country as there may be many charities in the host country who might sponsor your study program. The scholarships offered are either fully-funded or half-funded. Your government might also help you in completing your overseas education by granting you such scholarships. The sponsorships provided by charities might not help you to complete your studies. But keep in mind such sponsorships are not returnable.

  • Use Your Student Card For Traveling

The colleges or universities in a foreign country might give you a student card for your identity. Normally 10-15% discount is given on that student card. So, don’t forget to keep that card with you while traveling. You can get a discount in metro buses or train, historical places, and some restaurants. In this way, you can save some money and stay in budget.

  • Use Reasonable Means Of Communication

Your mobile prepaid card may cost you more. If you have a portable device, you can connect to any internet connection anywhere and use Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, IMO, Facetime, Messenger for communication. These social media applications have made life easier and affordable. These alternatives help you to save money.

  • Use Atms Then Exchange Booths

It is vital to know about trade rates and administration expenses at whatever point you have to get cash in your host nation. As a rule, ATMs will give bring down charges than money trade stalls. Some U.S. banks are a piece of the Global ATM Alliance that permits you to utilize accomplice ATMs at a lower charge. Beginning a neighborhood financial balance is additionally an alternative.


Studying Abroad is your lifetime experience and enjoying this golden era is the best way. Another important tip is to get insurance of traveling while studying overseas. It is a smart thought to get understudy travel medical coverage that will cover you for the span of your voyage. I hope these five tips might help you to plan your budget and enjoy your global trip.


Author Bio

Jenny Jones works as Manager at a financial institution. Blogging is her just way of educating the people regarding help with assignment writing of financial management, budgeting and living a frugal life. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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