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The Future of App Development
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The sale of smartphones has exploded over the recent years. Smartphones are becoming more affordable making the number of people accessing the internet rise exponentially. These factors have contributed to the massive booming of the mobile apps development and also offshore app development arena. Studies show that there are more than 10 billion devices on the internet. Here is an overview of the future of the mobile app development.

Cross-platform development
These days, apps are not limited to single platforms. Due to the attractive pricing factor, android will rule the platform business when it comes to sales. On the other hand, iOS will certainly continue to rule the high-end market. Therefore it is necessary that applications cannot be confined to any specific platform. HTML5 has evolved to great heights. The future of the mobile apps development will have to work for multiple platforms.

IoT Applications
While technology has rendered a greater part of our life sedentary, the worst is yet to come. In future, technology is going to make us control things through apps. Just a few beginnings are noted in Apple Watches and Google Glass. Some of the newer dimensions of IoT applications include self-driving cars, rings that can control everything you want and fridges that can read your targets. The future will see many of them come to daily use.

Developer support tools
Year on year, the mobile apps development sector is launching thousands of applications. Therefore there is a huge pressure for creating apps within the shortest time possible without any errors. A lot of businesses seek apps to be developed rapidly. The sophisticated application programming interfaces and kits for software development make it possible to launch applications within the shortest time. Such software kits and applications are going to boom shortly.

Enterprise Apps
Though most of the apps available today focus on the customers, we are going to see a change in trend when Enterprise apps are going to proliferate. Since businesses look forward to work with the latest technology, mobile apps will help them to achieve their dreams. Also because businesses are more than willing to spend any amount on such technologies, the customers can hope to get what they really want.

Cloud Computing
Over the past few years, several apps are merging with cloud computing. People are now fast shifting their databases to cloud and ISPs are now promoting cloud storage at unbelievably low prices. Cloud storage mitigates the risk of data corruption, data loss and also facilitates accessing and sharing data from anywhere and everywhere. With the booming of this trend, we will see cloud computing applications proliferate.

Mobile security
Smartphones have come to fulfill several crucial functions in our lives. Hence mobile phone security has become a topic of popular interest. People are using their mobile phones to access bank applications and extremely sensitive private data. Therefore mobile security is going to be the next big thing demanding a phenomenal number of apps to serve the industry.

Hence, we can say the mobile apps development in future will be multi-faceted with demand from several industry segments.

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