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10 Things You Need To Know About Storage
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If you’re looking for storage in Brisbane, here are our top 10 things you need to know:

1. Only rent the space you need. If you’re not sure what that is, ask the storage company. Many charge by the cubic metre, so don’t pay for space you don’t want. If you’re not sure what size unit will suit your belongings, Your Local Movers are more than happy to help.

2. You can choose how long you want to store your items. Whether you’re going away for a couple of weeks, moving house and have a few days to spare, or if you’re hoping to find somewhere for a number of years so you can de-clutter without losing any of your precious items; storage is available to suit.

3. You can store anything. Clothes, furniture, jewellery, important documents, photos: these are the most common items people store, but did you know you can actually store ANYTHING? Have a Ferrari or Harley Davidson just “sitting around” and you’re taking off on holiday and don’t want to leave it at home? Take it to your local storage company for guaranteed security (with CCTV and security guards at hand).

4. You have permanent access to your belongings, but also high quality security. If you need to access your gear, any time of day or night, all you have to do is call. At Your Local Movers they are a bonded store, so only staff members have access – giving you even more security!

5. When packing - stay away from boxes and bags for smaller items! If you’re packing everything into storage, you want to be sure everything is in perfect condition weeks, or months, down the track. Storing in boxes or bags could risk damage from the weather, rats or bugs, so you’re better off buying air-tight plastic containers which are specifically designed to protect your possessions.

6. While most containers these days are see-through, if you have some of your items in bags within the containers, or if you’re using another method of storage, make sure you label everything. That way, if you decide you need something important or when you come back in a few months time to empty the storage unit, you won’t have to search too far to find what you want.

7. If you have to / want to pack your own storage unit, use pallets. Keeping your items off the ground will also help to protect from the elements, so grab some unused pallets from your local supermarket or hardware store and put them down as a base layer on the ground. Then pile your items on top of them.

8. Another way to protect your items is to grab some industrial plastic wrap from your local hardware store and wrap as much as you can. Furniture and containers will keep much better if you have them wrapped as well and the plastic will keep the dust out. It certainly can’t hurt to have this little extra security blanket.

9. Be prepared for all kinds of weather and ensure your items are stored effectively to suit, particularly when you’re using long term storage in Brisbane where the weather can often go well over 30 degrees in the summer, with 90%+ humidity. If you’re sweltering on the bus on your way to work, imagine what the weather is doing to your personal items in a storage container! Your Local Movers have a 100% dry roof so you are guaranteed protection from rain.

10. Again, if you’ve decided to pack your own storage container, pack everything in there as tight as possible. No matter how much storage space you hire, if you know how to pack correctly, you’ll be able to fit almost anything! Start from the bottom and stack up. This is where plastic containers are particularly helpful so you can fit them into the tight empty spaces, or stack them in neat, tight rows.

11. Make things easy for yourself. Some storage companies will even pick everything up from your home and store it themselves, so why not make things easier for you. Your Local Movers will collect and deliver – find out more by calling them for storage in Brisbane today.

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  .   mark.anthony.grogan
Just adding to the article here, a really good tip for people looking to get a self storage unit for themselves is actually to really try and get to sorting items in storage before you start loading things in. Or even before you start hunting for a unit if you can manage that! That would definitely help you with trying to find one that best suits your purpose and keeping things organized once you've moved into your unit so that it won't just become another big mess at a different location from your home!
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