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Free Blogger's Guide: How to Create a Website for Blogging
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Starting a new career as a blogger?

Brace yourself because becoming a professional blog writer is never easy, especially when creating your own blog site. 

Even so, it should not stop you from becoming a professional blog writer because, like you, several successful blog writers have had similar challenges when they were starting.

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a blog site:

1.    Choose your domain

Before you start with everything, it is important to find a domain that will define your brand and that can help increase your blog site’s rankings in search engines. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right domain for you:

•    Create a domain name that is easy to remember
•    Choose a domain name that can stand-out from a tough competitive blogosphere
•    Create your domain name unique

2.    Choose the right web host

What is web host?

A Web host is a service provider who offers essential services that can make your blogs accessible to everyone. It helps store all important files, contents, and images that your blogs have. 

However, due to several online companies who are offering web hosting services, choosing one can be confusing; but, here is a tip, you should read reliable reviews and blogging guides because they can help you look for a reliable web host. At How to Start a Blog’s website, you will find several helpful information from creating a website to useful writing tips.

Also, beware of cheap hosts, because some of them will potentially lead your blogging experience to distraught and disappointment. According to several successful blog writers, these companies have hidden charges and would often overuse their servers in order to cut down their costs. 

Bluehost is one of the most recommended web hosts for several successful blog writers; try to visit How to Start a Blog’s website for more information about other trusted web hosts.

3.    Choose your blogging platform

When starting a blog, you have to choose your platforms; although choosing the right one can be confusing, you have to find and stick to a user-friendly, perfect for new bloggers, and FREE platforms. One of the most common and trusted free platform is the WordPress; with its 45,000+ free plugins, expect to have a smoother and successful blogging career. 

4.    Try to organize your website

After installing your chosen platform, you should start organizing your blog site, by adding the right plugins, themes, and more. 

Do not forget to add essential programs or extras such as the Analytics and the Webmaster Tools. The Analytics (Google Analytics) is a service that helps you track your current rankings in the search engine and shows you a real-time report about your blog site’s traffic. The Webmaster Tools, on the other hand, is another essential instrument for SEO that gives a real-time glance to all essential data such as keywords, crawl errors, links, and more.

5.    Start posting blogs

If you want to become a successful blog writer, be consistent in writing and posting blogs that are sensible, useful, and informative. 

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