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Top Myths in Selling Diamond that You Should Rethink in Believing
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Selling jewelry with diamonds is not easy; you can’t just accept someone’s offer without checking your jewelry’s market value.

If you are planning to sell your diamond ring or any jewelry with diamonds in it and if it is your first time doing so, you should take note of these following top myths in selling a diamond that you should rethink in believing.

Myth #1: All diamonds are rare

Diamonds are one of the gems that are hardest to find; however, they are not considered rare.

In comparison to what most people would say, diamonds is one of the common gems on earth; what makes a diamond valuable is the difficulties of mining the stones and make it aboveground. For that reason, a diamond is appraised according to its properties and not the rarity.

All diamonds are strictly valued according to the 4 C’s – cut, color, clarity, and carat.

The carat is the most important properties of a diamond. It is referred to the symmetry and how the diamond is polished. Also, it can affect the diamond’s overall brilliance; in other words, if the diamond has a poor cut, it can’t be very luminous or brilliant from what it should be.

Diamonds come in different colors; however, the most valuable and expensive are those that are perfectly clear and transparent.

The clarity of the diamond is referred to as the quality of the stone; it is often related to the visual appearance, both internal and external characteristics, of the diamond. Experts would often scrutinize a diamond if there are surface defects and internal blemishes.

The carat, on the other hand, is the weight of the diamond and not the size; unlike what most people think, carat isn’t the primary basis of how diamonds are valued, instead it is mostly the cut. For instance, if you visit this site for info in selling your diamond ring, your jewelry will be scrutinized mostly according to the cut, followed by its color, the clarity, and lastly the carat.

So, if you are planning to sell your diamond ring, you should try to bring it first to a reliable appraiser to find out its true market value.

Myth #2: Every buyer will give you an honest deal

If you have decided on selling your jewelry with diamonds in it, make sure to make a deal with an honest buyer who can give you an honest deal because not every diamond buyers out there are reliable. So, make sure that you know your diamond’s current market value for the very reason that you won’t get outsmarted by some crooks. Also, you may consult this honest online diamond buyer at this website.

Myth #3: The longer you keep your diamond the more it becomes valuable

It is true; however, that depends if the diamond is well-preserved.

Although the worth of the diamond increases over time, it won’t be a good idea to keep your diamond as an investment; unless, you know how to preserve it and that the diamond does not show any visual defects.

If you need additional details on how to sell your diamond ring faster and easier, just click here.

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