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Top Five Skills You Need to be a Social Network Professional
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Social network manager has to do multiple jobs by switching from one role to other like marketing, customer service, sales. It has “Soft” and “hard” skills as well. In hard skills programming and copywriting are technical in nature while in soft skills to empathize and doing work in organized way. They do job almost 24/7 which means monitoring, managing, updating etc. There are various traits which can be called as skills which are require in social media manager for gaining success in life.


1)    Socially Manage: - For social Network manager, “Social” stands for creating and building a digital relationship with customer and attract them with the different reputed brands. The work of social media manager to make him engage in the brand and convert them from observer to the customer by asking them some question patiently.  Social media involves visual in some form or another which can attract an eye of the observer. An observer can distinguish between a great and poor design.If the content provided has no brand then description must contain images and videos which can attract customer.


2)    Event organized efficiently: - A work of social media manager is to make people engage in work as people indulge their time in watching funny videos and they have realized that their time is wasted so to change the mind, in addition social media manager should be task and goal oriented person. Every social media manager has to make strategic so that he can know what is trending in the market and make goal for this. He needs be as seamless as possible and should ask everything on upfront instead of making them email you.


3)    Versatile: - Social media and news move so rapidly that to be adaptive is the most important skill for social network manager. A social media manager has to keep eye on hash tag or news story so that new features can be tried and post can be changed that can fit current timeline. Article written should be short so that it can grab the audience. The ideal length of a post should be 40-80 characters. Writing in addition its presentation becomes essential skills for social media manager. There are many institutes for social media management training In Ahmedabad.


4) Spreading content and technology:- The technology is upgrading day by day and everything has come up in the finger tip. Providing the data in a theoretical way, will make users bored and article uninteresting. To enhance the article there is need of some images and videos, which attract the user and make the article creative. To make the article more creative, two things need to be taken care

  1. The content must have keywords and phrases in such way that it ranks high in Google and other search engine websites.

  2. Attract users by increasing traffic through different social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Xing.


5) Executive skills :- Till 2015, updating post on social media such as Facebook or Twitter was more of science than art. Now days there are many tools to measure the creative work of campaign and marketing through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). To keep the customer satisfied and team aggressive for new eventful skills and management in full confidence is known as the art of communication. The communication skills can be verbal as well as written.

Social media is the great source for rise and fall of the trends. This follows

  1. The rise and play of cellular device.

  2. The rise of visual marketing through Instagram and Twitter.

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