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5 Ironclad Tips To Rank Your Youtube Video
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So you've decided to add YouTube videos to your content directory. And you're right since web users like videos.

In fact, 4 times more customers prefer to watch a video on a product than to read textual content. Plus, YouTube is the king of video with over a billion users. This means a lot of eyeballs available.

Except that making videos is one thing, and getting people to find them and watch them is another. When you try YouTube marketing, you'll soon realize that it's not that easy.

Like any other type of content, you must optimize and rank your YouTube videos so that users can find them via search and on YouTube. Some tips on how to do this include:

1. Create good video titles

This is probably the first thing anyone will see of your video. The title should be informative and attract attention. Another best practice you should consider is to stay simple. You can include all the information about your video, but the hard-hitting titles are short and accurate. Google truncates page titles to 66 characters, so everything beyond that is cut into fragments when displaying search results.

2. Post videos with Super sound

Maybe you've heard that before, but it's still true. The sound of your video is more important than the video itself. Users can forgive a not-so-good picture quality, but they have little patience for a mediocre sound.

3. Encourage user engagement and feedback

User interaction with videos is an important measure by which YouTube judges and ranks videos based on their relevance and quality.

One measure is the watch time, which YouTube defines as "the amount of time a user watched a video. This gives you an idea of what viewers actually watch (as opposed to the videos they click and drop). "

4. Determine the right keywords

It is very important to think about the terms by which you are found by your audience. Take care to take note all the words and terms with which you can summarize the contents of your video. Try not to use too many specific terms. You must know that most of the Youtube users use a colloquial jargon in online searches, so better to get closer to their vocabulary as much as possible. Simplify without losing their meaning. Try to find two or three terms for each video, even using groups of two or three words. These will be the keywords to optimize the ranking of your Youtube videos.

5.  Buy YouTube views

Many people have become well known, or even famous, because of the virility of their  ranked YouTube videos. If you want to have more views on your YouTube videos and make them viral, then you do not just have to make an incredible video, but you also need to know how to describe and share your creation as highlighted in the previous steps. In the event that all these fail, there's only a sure option left; buying YouTube views!

 YouTube video viewers want to be engaged and entertained with quality videos. Thus, they make their judgment from the number of views you presently have. As a result, buying YouTube views would give your videos the required credibility so as to attract new fans and subscribers. Looking to buy YouTube views cheap? SocialMediaCombo is at your service.

At SocialMediaCombo, we offer the easiest YouTube marketing service to use to spread your message and brand on YouTube. We assist both small and large companies worldwide by successfully engaging the right audience at the right time. Stay connected with prospects and customers in real time, and quickly share timely updates and marketing messages via video with just the click of a mouse. Gather real-time market intelligence as well as important feedback to help you build stronger relationships with those that care about you and your brand.

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