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Solar Power Breaks Records in the UK
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Solar power has broken records in the UK by providing nearly a quarter of the country’s electricity demand.

On Friday 24 May, The National Grid reported that at mid-afternoon 24.3% of the country’s electricity had been met by Solar Power. This broke the previous record that had only just been broken earlier in May. In total, 8.7GW of power was generated, the previous record was 8.48GW.

“This is a colossal achievement … and sends a very positive message to the UK that solar has a strong place in the decarbonisation of the UK energy sector,” said Paul Barwell, chief executive of the Solar Trade Association when talking to The Independent newspaper.

This was the first time that solar power has generated more electricity than nuclear with only gas supplying more to the country. It may have been the good weather that produced the results, but the undeniable growth in solar power across the UK is also to thank.

In April this year, Britain achieved the ground-breaking feat of having its first-ever full working day without the use of coal power thanks to the help of renewable energies like solar power. Government statistics published on Thursday show that UK solar power capacity has grown from 11.3GW in April last year to 12.1GW this year; a rise of 7%. That’s enough energy produced to power 3.8m homes.

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