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Searching For Great Survival Tips
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Many people enjoy exploring the great outdoors and will spend time walking and hiking through parks, forests and mountains. Others will take things to another level and will stay out in remote areas and practice survival with a few essential items. If you intend to try this then you will need to search for some good survival tips beforehand.


Before you start your trip you need to do some research and you will have to buy some equipment from a specialist store. These stores are a great place to purchase your kit and the staff will help and advise you on which items to buy. You can also buy DVD's, books and monthly magazines which have some useful information about survival skills and you should study these carefully.


You may decide to buy your equipment online and there are many retailers to choose from. Their web sites also have some good information and tips on survival which are well worth reading before your trip. Most sites will also have a contact link and you are able speak with them directly if you need any assistance or have any questions.


The first essential items needed are a map of the area you will be exploring, a compass and a good quality flash light. Your torch is extremely important and it can be used for light and if you need to light a fire you are able to short the battery to create a spark. A hunting knife or tool knife is also needed to carry out tasks in the great outdoors.


You are going to need water to survive and you should either take a supply with you or find it when you reach your camping area. You can use rainwater or river water and even snow if you boil it and this will be suitable for drinking and cooking. Taking a camping stove is useful for heating up your food and boiling your water.


You need a dry place to shelter when resting and you should to take your own tent or build something when you arrive at a camping spot. Setting up camp on high ground is the best option as it will be dryer and you can build a suitable shelter from branches, sticks and other items you may find. It is a good idea to lay some dried leaves or moss on the ground which will keep you warm and dry which is imperative.


Food is another essential item and you should take time to study what things can safely be eaten out in the wilds. Many plants, frogs, insects, fish and berries can be eaten safely and some of them are very nutritious. If you have room in your bag it is worth carrying some high energy bars or chocolate to provide a sugar boost.


Other items that should be packed in your bag include line and hooks for fishing, matches or a gas lighter and some basic first aid kit. Always tell people where you are going and how long for in case anything goes wrong. Most survival enthusiasts will not take along a cell phone as they cannot charge it but for a one or two day trip it is worth taking a charged one with you.


Get super survival tips, today. You can also get more info about a great wilderness survival guide at http://www.allsurvivaltips.com right now.


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