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Bio-Terrorism: A New Level of Warfare
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I recently watched a movie related to bioterrorism, the most terrifying destruction tool of them all. There are also multiple pieces of literature out there connected to this topic. We all know that everything has its advantages, and its disadvantages. The same applies to our knowledge in medical science. This knowledge can be used to save lives and also vice versa (which implies the fact--- intent is what matters. Don’t overanalyze it though.)

This is a video on How To Survive a biological attack:


What is the intention? Cause harm, even in the form of fear

Several awareness programs have been created to spread information about cases of biological attack, including July classified as bioterrorism awareness month.




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Due to the expanded danger of fear based oppression, the hazard acted by different microorganisms like natural weapons should be assessed and the recorded improvement and utilization of organic operators better caught on. Natural fighting specialists might be more powerful than ordinary and synthetic weapons. Amid the previous century, the advance made in biotechnology and natural chemistry has disentangled the improvement and generation of such weapons. Moreover, hereditary building holds maybe the most unsafe potential. Simplicity of generation and the expansive accessibility of natural operators and Homework help websites specialized know how have prompted to a further spread of organic weapons and an expanded craving among creating nations to have them.
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