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What Are Singing Bowls?
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Singing bowls have been used since ancient times in the Himalayan region of Tibet. The bowl is a Buddhist ritual object that produces a sound when a wooden stick is rotated inside or outside of it. The sound is said to assist with meditation and the release of mantras. Singing bowls continue to be used as they provide various types of health benefits to the user.


Looking Closer At The Singing Bowl


There are seven primary metals used in the construction of singing bowls. Each corresponds to one of the seven planets as noted below:


  • Gold – Sun
  • Silver – Moon
  • Mercury – Mercury
  • Copper – Venus
  • Iron – Mars
  • Tin – Jupiter
  • Lead – Saturn


It is interesting to note that the pitch of each bowl is dependent on a few variables related to the construction of the individual singing bowl. For example, the pitch can differ as a result of the size, weight and the thickness of the metal that was shaped into the bowl. The pitch for an individual bowl is therefore fixed, however the tone and volume of the sound can be controlled. This is controlled solely by the user and will depend on the point of contact with the wooden stick, the force of the tap as well as the hardness of the wood the stick is made from.


How A Singing Bowl Is Used


The singing bowl can be used to signal either the start or end of a meditation period. It can also be used during meditation as a way to bring the mind in focus. It is believed that by playing a singing bowl, it releases into the universe the mantras that were chanted as the bowl was being constructed.


Where To Purchase Your Singing Bowl


In Alameda, California singing bowls are available at Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc. The bowls are effective in treating pain, headaches, stress, anxiety and depression.

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