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Try A Singing Bowl Healing Course
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You've heard about the benefits of singing bowl healing but are not sure how to actually play one of the specially designed bells. That's not a problem because we offer Singing Bowl & Sound Healing courses. They are designed to teach two levels of interest - beginner or advanced. The courses are meant to show you how to get the most out of your singing bowls.


Why You Would Take Our Course

Maybe you just received a singing bowl and are curious about how it can assist you in reaching levels of self peace and relaxation. Our beginner course can cover all of this information for you. Upon completion, you will not only be able to properly play the singing bowls, you will have a greater understanding of the science behind sound healing and therapy.


For those with advanced plans such as the desire to become a therapist or healer, our course is designed to give you far more information. The in depth teachings will introduce you to all methods commonly used to utilize the energy from sound to heal the body. Then you will learn practical applications ranging from relaxation to healing various conditions.


How Singing Bowls Can Heal

The use of singing bowls for healing goes back to ancient times. Sound therapy relieves pain, headaches and sleeping disorders. It combats anxieties, depression and stress producing an inner peace. Body cells, tissues and organs can be revitalized. Singing bowl healing helps bring mental clarity and supports the nervous system. It combines with pervasive healing to bring well being.


For More Information on Our Singing Bowl & Sound Healing Courses

In Alameda, California you can sign up for our course at Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc. Remember, we offer courses for both beginners and advanced singing bowl users.

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