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The Calming Effect of Singing Bowl Therapy
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Healing comes in many different forms but thanks to ancient Buddhists, sound has become a tool for improving health. In fact, singing bowls date back to Tibet and the Himalayas where the soothing tones could be heard from monasteries. The 'bell' rubbed with a stick has become a fixture during meditation times and has been brought to the West as a healing instrument.


How The Singing Bowls Heal The Body

Different metals create different tones in singing bowls but they all work with the same principle. When the outer or inner side of the bowls is rubbed with a stick, they begin to vibrate. That vibration creates a sound. The sound produced when playing a singing bowl is believed to be releasing the mantras that were chanted at the time the bowl was constructed.

The calming effect the sound has provides the background for meditation. The sound allows the body and mind to relax and slip into deep meditation. Singing bowl therapy is prescribed by alternative health practitioners in order to promote healing of the body. The sound that comes from the bowl penetrates deep within the body which therefore results in healing.


Ailments Singing Bowls Can Heal

Used mostly in the West as a tool to promote stress relief and relaxation, singing bowls can do much more. They can revitalize body cells, tissue and organs. They can assist in treating headaches, pain and sleep disorders. They can also help you to regain mental focus and control your nervous system. Singing bowls are small but they do a big job in healing.


For More Information on Singing Bowls

In Alameda, California you can find singing bowls of all size and metal construction at Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc. We also provide courses for beginners and advanced to ensure you get the most out of your singing bowls.


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