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Techs and Trends for AI in 2019
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We are living in the era of a massive technological change, so it is understandable why is it so hard to differentiate something that will really matter from something that can only make a loud noise. Various tech companies are all lining up at the beginning of this year to showcase their work and make bold predictions. Multinational businesses and small startups are feeling the ripple effects of innovation in the industry, with technology taking the center stage of our lives.

We will try to make our own prediction and talk about what technologies and trends will take the center stage in the upcoming year.


This technology is really necessary. All of these autonomous devices, Internet of Things, supercomputers, etc. would not be possible without a proper 5G network. In early 2019 we will become witnesses of the first 5G-enabled headsets entering the market, and this will only go further forward as the year goes by. CCS Insights believe that we will see around 60 million connections by the year 2020. It looks like the following year will be mostly about the future-proofing devices, that in itself will ensure that they can properly work with the technology when it will become a staple. First-mover adoption will be a race between Asian leaders, such as China, Japan, and South Korea and big western contributor, which is the United States.

I think 5G services will mostly focus on fixed consumer wireless, which will eventually represent only a small portion of the whole market. It is crucially for CPSs to see the launch of commercial business offerings leveraging 5G technology, that will bring the most exciting profit opportunities. Especially when we talk about areas like virtual networks for specific applications.

Augmented Reality

Next year, the way we see the world around us is predicted to change not only metaphorically, but also quite literally. All of this thanks to continuing advances in Augmented, Virtual and Mixed realities that are getting more and more attention and interest in the public. These R+ technologies which once were only predicted to strike in gaming, are now quickly taking all sorts a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, engineering design and even space exploration.

Robot Process Automation

The simplest definition for RPA would be the automation of the repeated clerical software tasks which are performed in various organizations. Robot Process Automation as the name suggests are the processes which are repetitive by its nature. Take a regular task of filling up the form by collecting numerous parameters by the customer’s ID cards for example - this can be all done more efficiently and effectively by using RPA.

Robot Process Automation is based on the artificial intelligence and machine learning program in which the software records the human workflow and then adapts it to the working process more effective than a human would. It learns all the processes automatically in the due course of time, by its machine learning and deep learning algorithms. In the following year, with the future development of RPA, many processes, and systems we know and use today, will be able to improve their productivity and cost save lots of money in the process.

Many companies have already started to use RPA, including, but not limited to, Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, Walmart, and American Express Global Business Travel which uses Robot Process Automation in order to automate their refunds of canceling airline tickets.


Blockchain, as the decentralized ledger for that holds together all the cryptocurrencies, has applications reaching far beyond its financial transactions. While some companies and startups have applied the technology to everything they could today, from simplifying access and tracking of information in academia to certain games that use complex algorithms to create unique experiences, other, Elinext blockchain developer, earned their reputation as the vendor.

In the following year, for the delight of all those organizations, Blockchain is going to bring the first enterprise applications to active use. The most prominent and innovative corporations will start using Blockchain technology as a way to improve their collaboration. In 2019 Blockchain will finally enable transparent transactions across a variety of business functions. It will be present in many businesses and will become the core element of biggest innovations.

A worldwide threat to the Internet of Things security system

If there is one thing we have learned for certain in 2018, its that hackers are becoming more and more of a threat. Ask anyone in the cybersecurity industry - whenever your device gets connected to the internet, it appears to be in real danger. Remember the DDoS attack that happened back in 2016, that used IoT devices as a weapon? Yeah, that one is for the books.

Gartner forecasted that 20.4 billion connected devices will be inactive users globally, by the year 2020. And with the rise of various autonomous products, it is really hard to tell if they will be holding a somewhat proper level of security. Recent news does not look promising, as it appears that the lesson has not been learned properly. But maybe, all those attacks that happened last year were necessary, so that the following year can finally become the one that can turn the security question around for the good.

Smart infrastructures will change cities forever

It seems like for the first time that CES has a specifically dedicated area for services and solutions based on the concept of smart cities. It will demonstrate how the connected technologies will keep shaping urban environments - from crowd-sourced figures about public availability all the way to street lamps that can detect the depth of snow on roads. In the United States, those technologies are expected to develop around transportation and mobility, where in Europe they will be mainly focused on energy consumption. No matter the case, new technologies will be able to link and share data between various city grids and infrastructures, combined with the data they will be getting form the smartphone users. The following year will definitely see the future development of the technique and will bring exciting new opportunities for different startups all around the globe.

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