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Stereotypes About WMI Provider Host – How To Fix High CPU Usage That Aren't Always True.
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Have you at any point seen the WmiPrvSE.exe procedure in Task Manager? WmiPrvSE (or WmiPrvSE.exe) remains for Windows Management Instrumentation Provider Service. You can likewise call it a WMI Provider Host as showed in the depiction in Task Manager. 

What is a WMI Provider Host (WmiPrvSE.exe)? 

On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea about, a WMI Provider Host is a part of Microsoft Windows OS (working framework). It controls the venture condition and gives administration data. 

Through the WMI, the chiefs can set or inquiry data on the framework parts, systems, programs, and in addition other undertaking segments. The individuals who creates applications can utilize the WMI Provider Host to alarm Windows clients when huge occurrences happen. 

Without WmiPrvSE.exe, all projects in Windows, including framework applications and introduced programs couldn't be overseen. The reason is that WMI High Usage is a host, which permits all administration administrations to work. Moreover, clients won't get any notice when blunders happen. 

Where is the WmiPrvSE.exe found? On the off chance that you have to discover WmiPrvSE, you can discover it at the accompanying way: 


Fix WmiPrvSE.exe WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage in Windows 10 

A week ago, I got an intriguing inquiry from a peruser, who requested that me how settle the high CPU utilization issue identified with WmiPrvSE. 

wmiprvse.exe wmi supplier have high CPU utilization issue 

As indicated by what he stated, WmiPrvSE utilizes around 30% – 40% of his CPU notwithstanding when there's no program running. When he opens maybe a couple applications like Firefox or Chrome, the utilized CPU asset increments definitely, around 70% – 80%, and once in a while 100%. 

See Also: Fix Svchost.exe (netsvcs) High CPU Usage or Memory Leak Issue. 

There are numerous reasons that reason this high CPU use issue, particularly undermined framework documents or something has turned out badly with the WMI Provider Host WmiPrvSE.exe record. To analyze and resolve the issue, I would recommend doing the accompanying techniques beneath. 

1. Sweep Your Computer for Viruses and Malware 

I've perused numerous posts in Microsoft's gathering, and numerous specialists prescribe downloading a hostile to malware program to examine the PC. Here and there, infections or malware could be the reason that reason the WmiPrvSE high CPU use. 

On the off chance that you don't know which is the best against malware program, I would propose downloading Malwarebytes or Norton Power Eraser. 

2. Restart Windows Management Instrumentation Service 

The initial step is to restart the WMI benefit. To do as such, squeeze Windows + R, type: "services.msc" without the statement and press Enter. 

In the Services window, look for Windows Management Instrumentation, right-tap on it and pick Restart. 

Restart WmiPrvSE.exe WMI Provider Host in Windows Services 

As a rule, restarting the WMI administration will enable you to settle this high CPU use to issue. 

[alert-note]I would prescribe that you don't debilitate Windows Management Instrumentation. It's a critical framework benefit, and numerous Windows framework parts and applications can't work legitimately without it.[/alarm note] 

3. Sweep and Repair Corrupted System Files 

As I specified toward the start of this article, ruined Windows framework documents can prompt this issue too. To sweep and repair debased records, squeeze Windows + X, and afterward A to open Command Prompt application with authoritative benefit. 

[alert-note]In case your Windows PC empowers UAC, it might demonstrate to you a YES/NO discourse box to request that you whether run the program or not.[/alarm note] 

In a Command Prompt window, type: 


what's more, press Enter. 

When this procedure is finished, continue the second summon underneath: 


what's more, press Enter. 

4. Restart IP Helper and Security Center Fix WmiPrvSE.exe High CPU Usage Issue 

Alongside the Windows Management Instrumentation benefit, here are two different Windows administrations you should restart to enable you to settle the issue: 

IP Helper (iphlpsvc) 

Security Center (wscsvc) 

Restart both and after that additionally restart Windows Management Instrumentation. 

Checking Event Viewer to determine WMI Provider Host issues 

For promote determination, you can likewise utilize Event Viewer, get to Applications and Services logs - > Microsoft - > Windows - > WMI-Activity to discover additional data with respect to each WMI action. In view of the data, you can rapidly know where the reason is. 

See Also: 7 Tips to Fix 100% Disk Usage Problem in Windows 10. 

You can likewise get to Windows Services, find all non-Microsoft administrations, stop them one by one until the WmiPrvSE.exe WMI Provider Host high CPU use issue vanishes. 

5. Uninstall Incompatible Programs 

Once in a while, you may experience this issue in the wake of introducing or refreshing a program in Windows. The reason is that the program isn't good with WmiPrvSE.exe and causes the issue. 

On the off chance that you have introduced or refreshed any program recently, impair its administration in Windows Service or uninstall it to see whether it's the reason or not. 

[alert-warning]If you haven't refreshed Windows for quite a while, I would propose checking for refreshes and introduce if there's any accessible. Staying up with the latest will keep away from numerous sorts of errors[/caution warning] 

I trust the techniques above can help you to discover the reason behind the WMI Provider Host high CPU use issue and settling it.

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