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Singing Bowls and Chakras
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Singing bowls have been used for over twenty-five hundred years and are used for various needs. When surrounding yourself with the sounds and vibrations of singing bowls you tend to feel relaxed and calm. This is important for several reasons such as healing through your Chakra. You may ask, “how can these sounds and vibrations heal and what is a Chakra?”

The word Chakra means wheel and is referred to as a chariot wheel. Over time, it has become to mean the “wheel of light.” Chakras were first depicted over twenty-five hundred years ago in the Upanishads (sacred ancient texts). Chakras are the seven energy centers of the body and they correspond to five main nerve ganglia of the spinal column and two areas of the brain.

Chakras are at the center of our bodies and are vital because they are involved with our physical, mental and emotional development. If only one of our chakras is out of balance then it will affect one or more of our physical, emotional or mental states causing a form of illness.

This is where the “Singing bowls” can help with healing your chakras. The sounds and vibrations from the singing bowls will aid in aligning harmony and balance and this will help us in every area of our lives.

One example would be our heart chakra. If the heart chakra is out of balance it may cause us to become too emotional and take things to heart that aren’t meant to be taken that way. It could also cause us to be unable to form proper relationships with others or keep us from having empathy for others. All these things can bring worry and distress which can cause disease. After all a happy heart is a healthy heart so keeping your heart chakra in alignment will decrease the opportunity for coronary disease.

Okay, so how do we correlate the singing bowls with our chakras? First, there are seven chakras so we use seven bowls. Next, we place the bowls around our body and lay in the center. Another person will sound the bowl by striking the rim three times and then run the striker around the rim of the bowl to begin the resonance. If you are in need of a “tune-up” then start with the root chakra and move your way up and then back down again.

If you are working with one chakra then you would do a quick run over the other chakras and then focus on the single chakra. If you are alone, then sit in the center of the bowls and simply do the same on your own.

There is no wrong way to resonate with the chakra and bowls as long as you are feeling the energy. Some people find it more relaxing listening to the sound and vibrations while others prefer to make the sounds and vibrations themselves.

It is also common for some to use stones, crystals, and colored candles to assist them and set them around the placement of the bowls. It is really up to the individual on what they prefer. It’s about relaxing and allowing the energy from the singing bowls to work into your chakras.

Whatever your needs are for balancing your chakras you will find it at Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc.


Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc. is located in Alameda, CA.


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