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Service Dog Jacket: A Purchase for Two
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Service dogs help their owners in so many ways. Individuals struggling with mental and physical conditions can rely on their service dog for all kinds of support. To be recognized as a service dog, an animal has to be registered. It is only after registration that a dog can wear a service dog jacket and accompany their human to a variety of public places. The purchase of a service dog jacket can benefit both the animal and the human.

Understanding and Legitimization

A jacket or service dog leash helps break down a lot of barriers for the animal owner. Before the creation of these accessories, owners would have to constantly explain themselves. On the way into the movies or when sitting at a restaurant, they would have to answer questions about their dog. Now, instead of having to spend time getting others to understand, the jacket can do all of the explaining.

When a dog wears its service animal jacket, it helps its owner to be understood and legitimized. They are not mistaken for an individual that just wants to bring his or her dog everywhere. They are recognized as an individual that needs support, provided by a trained, legitimate animal. For individuals that suffer from anxiety, for example, this can make going out in public with their service animal so much easier and more enjoyable.

Recognition and Support

Wearing a service jacket can also help the dog. When the dog puts its jacket on, he or she is recognized by everyone else as a service animal, above and beyond just a companion. This type of jacket, which has a prominent patch and the words Service Animal, makes it very clear to others the purpose of your dog. This jacket and recognition can help teach the animal that they are “on duty.” On duty service animals behave very calmly, always ensuring that their human is supported. Purchasing a service dog jacket lets others know that it may not be appropriate to come up and pet the dog. Service animals are not always treated the same as a companion animal, and their jacket definitely sets them apart.

A majority of service dog owners choose to purchase a specific service dog jacket for their dog to wear when they are in public. In so many ways this jacket can benefit the dog and its owner. It can be a very impactful purchase for any duo.

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