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Relieve Stress Through Food!
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If modern lifestyle had a synonym, it would definitely be stress! That is because the modern way of living is filled with elements that trigger stress. To worsen things up, a hectic routine and a disbalance in eating habits will surely impede on the nervous system. Being tired or some dark circles are quite common these days but stress…try maintaining your distance from this one.

Let’s go a little scientific on this plague of the 21st Century. Stress is the way your body reacts to a kind of pressure, demand or threat. When you sense danger, your body triggers something known as the “stress response”. Even if the danger is not real, your mind will make you have sense of discomfort. Nowadays, stress has become chronic and as the stress response lays heavily on the nervous system, it becomes detrimental to the whole body. In fact, chronic stress affects around 39% of UK residents. Is there any way of combatting this vice? Yes, there is, and it can be as simple as the things you eat!

Your food is actually one of the determining factor if you are going to fall in the grasp of stress. Some foods can prevent chronic stress and relieve pressure on your nervous system.


The most well-known “stress-less” food is actually a drink! Tea is scientifically known to relieve stress. Not because it is fancy and drank in fine style but due to the fact that tea contains some vital minerals that keeps blood pressure under control. You can also treat yourself a soothing cup of tea occasionally to detox yourself. Fancy a cup of tea, dear?


Some say that whenever you are stressed, a nice cup of ice cream would free all the stress. But how about skipping that ice cream and enjoy? Perfect, isn’t it? Yogurt is healthy, better than ice cream and acts as a better stress reliever than ice cream. Since it includes vitamin D and calcium, it can help relax the muscles and even help you have better sleep.


Put Nuts on your next diet since nuts help to relieve stress as well. Almonds, walnuts and pistachios are packed with vitamins and zinc that help boost your immune system. Stress will drain your health to a point that sickness will say hello every now and then, but not when nuts are in! Say good bye to some diseases and enjoy good health.


Chocolates help relieve stress as well. Researches indicate that dark chocolate may reduce the level of stress hormones. Since chocolate includes sugar, that is known to release mood-improving serotonins, it would be nice if you could relish some nice chocos once in a while. Well, don’t go overboard with the doses. It won’t be nice to combat stress but being fat as a cookie!


That funny looking fruit is actually one of the best ways to relieve stress. They are loaded with potassium that keeps blood pressure low and helps you have a wave of vitamins to keep you in good health. Next time if you end up at a burger corner, don’t forget the avocadoes. It is stress free!

Feeling healthy yet? Of course, only eating these foods will be half of the work for combating stress. Try bringing a change by adopting a more relaxing, and fun routine. Doing some exercise or dropping by some games online might help you to relax. Tip; combine healthy foods and games at . You can play some sizzling fruit slots at this top casino site of the UK.

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