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Reduce Your Stress With Deep Tissue Massage
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Stress is common in every situation. While a small dose of stress can be considered healthy, normal and can help you to meet deadlines and achieve your goals, chronic stress can result in depression, anxiety, and other serious heart conditions. One of the best ways of dealing with chronic stress is through massage, Medical experts report that massage has psychological and physical benefits that can help to relieve the symptoms of stress.

The fight/flight response is usually the reaction of the body against stress. Stress tends to elevate heart rate, increases the muscular tension, rate of breathing and the anxiety feeling. The relaxation response in the body can be triggered and thus causing a response that is the opposite of the emergency stress response. One of the ways of doing this is through massage. Massage has been noted to be effective in promoting that relaxation response such as slower rate of breathing, deceleration of the heart rate and relaxation of muscles.

Lowering the blood pressure

There is no direct link between stress and high blood pressure. According to AHA, most of the behaviors that come with stress can cause elevation of the blood pressure and include smoking, poor eating habits, high intake of alcohol and a diet that is high in sodium. In a study that was carried out at the University of Florida, it was noted that participants who got 10 massages within a span of 3 weeks saw a drop in their blood pressure. This was as compared to those who didn’t get the massage and never experienced any drop in their blood pressure. There are other reports that suggest that massage works by activating the pressure points that are linked to vagus nerve. This vagus nerve is responsible for regulating the stimulation of blood pressure.

Reduction of muscular tension

Swedish and Shiatsu massage can help to promote the overall relaxation on top of encouraging the relaxation of muscles. Jaw pain, headaches, neck and shoulder tension are some of the common symptoms of stress. Massage works by breaking up the lactic acid as well as other areas of discomfort that are usually associated with stress.

Offers immediate relief

Even though a massage is known to offer that immediate relief, the self-massage methods are also known to alleviate symptoms of stress. By massaging yourself, it is possible to relax the mind and muscles. For instance, you can close the eyes and place the fingers under the eyebrows. When you apply some slight pressure for a period of 5 to 10 seconds, it is possible to minimize facial pain and headache. You can relieve shoulder pain by rubbing the shoulders in some circular motions on the shoulder blades.

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