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Purpose of the Tibetan Medicine Bracelet
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Jewelry has been worn throughout the ages by both men and women. Today, many wear jewelry for fashion but that is not the only reason jewelry is worn.

Let’s look at the Tibetan medicine bracelet or Buddha bracelet as it may also be called. It has beauty and a great fashion piece at first glance. However, it is worn for its medicinal properties.

These beautiful bracelets are made from several combinations of metals. These metals are believed to influence the elemental energies in our bodies. These five elements are earth, wind, fire, water, and space. Each element has a quality that our bodies benefit from. The following will explain the purpose of each element.

Earth (Sa) is for firmness and stability and provides our physical existence and development.

Water (Chu) creates moisture and gives rise to all fluids.

Fire (Mae) creates heat, giving transformation, dynamic function and activity.

Wind (rLung) creates motion and enables circulation and movement.

Space (Nam mKha) provides the potential for our existence of the other for elements, to begin with.

According to traditional Tibetan medicine, the five metals used have effects on our health. Let’s take a look at how each of these metals is believed to affect our health.

Silver improves the consistency of the flow of blood, dries up watery infections and conditions and purifies the blood.

Copper prevents and cures fevers associated with the liver and lungs and suppresses excess fluid and swelling in the joints.

Tin promotes the healing of wounds, aids in the regrowth injured flesh, and expels poisons from the body while clearing out infections.

Nickel improves eyesight and aids in various eye disorders. It also alleviates hives, acne, and other skin issues.

Iron strengthens the liver and eyes and is an antidote to poisonous lead in the body.

They also used gemstones and various seeds and yak bone in the making of other medicine bracelets that make each one unique. For example, turquoise is believed to aid the sinus cavity, cataracts, and headaches, and to dispel negative energy and elevate emotional balance. Coral is believed to aid with arthritis, blood circulation, eye ailments, and balance energy. Yaks are considered to be the lifeblood of Tibetan culture and are very dear to them. They only use the bone from a Yak that died of natural causes since slaughtering a Yak is believed to bring negative Karma.  

Considering all the qualities that these elements, metals, and beads provide the physical and physiological principals of our bodies you can see why they have been used for centuries. Whether you choose to wear them for their beauty or medicinal qualities you will be pleased. These make awesome gifts for any time of the year.

If you are interested in purchasing these beautiful medicine bracelets or any other Tibetan jewelry, you can find it at Navadurga Handicraft & Singing Bowl House in Alameda, Ca. For your convenience, you may also make your purchase online at www.navadurgasingingbowl.com and have it delivered right to your door. 

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