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Navadurga Handicrafts and Singing Bowl House : Where Exotic Meets Enjoyment
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Sit back, relax.  Let your mind wander to a faraway place…

as a man steps over crumbling rock, his dry sandals tread the steep, rugged terrain of the Himalayan Mountains.  As he wipes the sweat from his brow, his Tibetan walking stick bears the hint of tinkling charms. In the far distance, the sound of bells echo through the deep caverns and resonate to the valley below. The soft sway of lotus hand bells carry the beautiful sound into the wind as his steps grow ever steeper. Everywhere BELLS permeate the deep and treacherous peaks…

For thousands of years, the mystical charm of bells and Singing Bowls have played a significant role in Tibetan and Nepalese life. At Navadurga Handicrafts and Singing Bowl House in Alameda, California, the Singing Bowls are as much an honored treasure today as they were centuries ago. From the deep, brooding tones of the iron bowls to the soft, tinkling sway of the delicate Tibetan hand bells, all sounds of the ancient world can be captured here. Singing Bowls provide a therapeutic advantage to all who hear them. Created from a vast array of metals which may include everything from copper and iron to metal and bronze, they are as beautiful to look at as they are to hear.

Navadurga Handicrafts and Singing Bowl House also offers a rich assortment of bells and accessories. Dorge, Vajra and Tibetan hanging bells are just a few of the items you will find in this beautiful shop. A welcome treat for the explorer who desires exotic and rare creations from all over the world, Navadurga Handicrafts is sure to offer enjoyment for all who enter. 

Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc. is located in Alameda, CA.


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