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Jazz up your LOL accounts with free skins and champions
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Who would have thought that online multiplayer games can evolve into the worldwide phenomenon it is today? Yet years later, many are still discovering the joys of online gaming. For those who are uninitiated, the excitement of unlocking a new champion fuels the drive to keep playing. Some who are new to the game appreciate it for the graphics and artistry alone. But those who have expertly navigated the fictional world of league of legends are always looking for ways to amplify their gaming experience. Who can blame them? There are many ways by which a veteran player can personalize their accounts and experience the game in a different way.

One way to keep your lol accounts exciting is to use skins and unlock new champions. With the use of advanced graphics and enticing color schemes, acquiring new skins can indeed be fun. The same goes with acquiring new champions. Champions can be used to match a player’s personality and style. However, acquiring new skins and unlocking new champions don’t always come easy. Skins and champions can cost riot and influence points that all players work hard to accumulate. A player who spent hours to gain these points may hesitate to spend it on skins and champions. But, there is always a solution.  Game developers such as Riot release new champions and new skins regularly to keep the gaming experience fresh. As such, there are ways by which a player can get skins and champions for free. Detailed tips can also be found in https://lolsmurfaccounts.com/free-league-of-legends-skins-and-champions

Social Media as a Tool to Get Free Skins and Champions

  • YouTube is a perfect way to get your hands on free champions. If you have not yet unlocked a champion and you don’t want to spend your precious points, you can subscribe to the official YouTube channel of Riot Games. Subscribing allows you to get notifications when new updates are released, especially if new champions that you are looking forward to acquire are in rotation.
  • The official Facebook page of Riot Games will also allow players to get free skins and champions. Simply like the page to get access to this freebie. The good thing about this option is that if you have not yet unlocked the champion, you will get both the skin and the champion.
  • Lastly, you can go to the official Twitter page of Riot Games to follow the page and get the same perks.

Since most players have social media accounts, making the most of your accounts to get freebies can help you save points. Nowadays, game developers such as Riot use social media as a marketing tool and a way to entice players to share the experience and encourage new players to join. Since free is always better, you don’t always have to spend to get exciting new skins and champions. Getting yourself connected with these platforms will also allow you to continue receiving updates and news about the game itself. There are upgrade and offers that only those who are connected through social media can avail of. With social media, playing league of legends has just become more accessible and exciting.







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