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Crystals Singing Bowls | The life giving force and Alternative medicine
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The universe is filled with cosmic power. These cosmic powers are different forms of energy which have vibrational frequencies. These energies formed in our body create natural vibrations within us; it is called the chakras; which have been used as the alternative medicine in many treatments and healing.

Our chakras can be aligned to create a productive form of energy; that can be harness through the crystals singing bowls. The harnessed energy is used; to heal wounded feelings and ailments in the body. Crystals singing bowls are like the musical instrument; that emits a sound chakra which helps the cells in the body to stay in tune. 

If you are a great believer in the healing power of the universe then; crystal singing bowls are the best for you. They have been used by saint and sages; to capture positive energy and use them for the benefits of their client; along with the Tibetan singing bowls; they produce inner peace and healing of both body and mind.

Due to its harmonic vibration; many people have found the healing effect it has on the body. It cleans all the emotional blockages and negative energy from the mind and body and makes you feel better. 

Unlike the Tibetan singing bowls; these are made from pure quartz hence the name crystal. They are in a variety of size and are in the form of frosted and clear bowls.

Types of Crystal singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are of different types; based on how they are made, but they emit a similar resonance and frequency. 

1. Quartz crystal singing bowls

These are pure quartz singing bowls that are opaque in nature and are found in many sizes. They are of high quality made from 99% quartz with no added chemicals or dyes. These singing bowls are well known for their resonating sound that calms the mind.

2.Frosted crystal singing bowls

These luminescent bowls are found in ancient temples; which have a magical healing every time they sounded. They are beautifully made and have an expanded sound that goes deeper to the cells in the body.

Frosted crystal singing bowls are white in colour which symbolizes purity and gentleness; which attract the natural light that enhances feng shui.

3. Crystal clear singing bowls

From the name itself; these singing bowls are crystal clear; which means they are transparent and can see through.

Many holistic practitioners; uses these singing bowls to heal their patient. It is believed that they resonate quickly with the body and the psyche.  

4. Feather-light crystal singing bowls

These singing bowls are a bit lighter in weight as compare with the other crystal singing bowls; hence they are very compatible to carry and put it in your backpack too. It eliminates negative energy from the body and harmonies your chakras.

5. Alchemy crystals singing bowls

The alchemy singing bowls are the mixture of gemstones, metals and some minerals which are infused in them. These alchemy bowls have the power to increase concentration in students and reduce the level of anxiety. It is made in such a way that the combination of various tones; can trigger the system in the body.

6. Empyrean crystal singing bowls

Now, these are the refined version of the frosted crystal singing bowls. The rough texture around the bowl has been removed making it smooth and well refined as compared to the frosted ones. 

7. Rose quartz singing bowls

Rose quartz singing bowls are deep red in colour; made from a gem or a mineral and it can be rough or polish in texture. Most of the rose quartz; comes in a heart shape but they are also made with some other shapes too.

This type of crystal singing bowl; is excellent for healing emotional trauma.

The power of Crystals singing bowls as Alternative medicine

Since all the crystal singing bowls are made from quartz; the crystals have many physical properties. It helps in amplify, focus, store and transform the energy from lower levels to the higher level; and by the way; natural quartz crystals are always known to be a transducer. Let's have a look at the power of all these crystals bowls.

1. Most of the crystals bowls are used as Feng shui tools at homes and in the workplace too. 

2. They purify and strengthen the energy of your space because they are the therapy to your soul.

3. They help align all your chakras and activate the third eye crown chakra and the heart chakra.

4. It illuminates the brain waves frequencies and changes the thoughts pattern of the brain; making you feel calm, relax and at peace with your well being.

5. The harmonic sounds produced by these bowls; are so authentic and therapeutic that it produces a kind of electromagnetic energy; in the whole body which raises your vibrations and changes your thoughts awareness.

6. It makes the body dynamic and heals much physical pain like a headache, muscles pain, joint pain, mental disorder and arthritis too.

Because sounds and music have always been part and parcel of human lives; hence these singing bowls have played a tremendous step in healing the heart and soul of a person.

Yoga with Crystals singing bowls

Some yogis even practice yoga with crystals singing bowls; to create a calm environment during their first step of asana. This helps them to shift their mental state for meditation and also help them; to have a steady and comfortable posture right from the start.

They usually sit and be still or they sometimes lie flat with their back down while listening to the sounds of the bowls. This helps in better concentration and focus of the mind.

The bowls are not used throughout the whole steps but; they are used whenever necessary; for example, it is used right after the inhalation and exhalation process; to allow the practitioner to bathe in the resonating sounds of the singing bowls.

It is extremely helpful in restorative yoga and it is largely used nowadays by many yogis as part of their practices.

The difference between Tibetan singing bowls and Crystal singing bowls.

1. The sounds of the crystals bowl last longer than that of the Tibetan singing bowls.

2. Crystals bowls have a fine and lighter tone as compare to Tibetan bowls.

3. The Tibetan bowl is also known as the medicines bowls and is traditionally used as the type of bells. They are used for meditations, as music therapy and religious practices whereas; Crystal bowls are used mainly for vibrational frequencies; to raise the overall energy in the body and promote health and well being.

4. Crystals bowls are much lighter than the Tibetan bowls because they are made from pure quartz while the later is made from a combination of various metals and sometimes even wood!

Thus; the crystals singing bowls therapy is an alternative medicine in which patients listen to the sounds created by these bowls; claimed to have healing matrix in their body; some doctors even recommend it for cancer patient along with their additional normal course of treatment.


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