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Conch Shell and it's magical blowing sound
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Long before the fantasy new age becomes a reality; where we have seen on TV these days; like the magic horn or the magic carpet; Our ancestors have long been using the power of nature or the natural objects; as their tools to remove and heals many unwanted circumstances that come in their way.

Natural objects, the Conch shell especially; have a long-standing history of magical uses; which is associated with powers; where the sea gods and goddesses used seashells to spells and charms. 

So; what exactly is a conch shell?

A conch shell is a typical marine mollusc shell; which is spiral in shape. It is a common name used for various type of seashell (mostly snails); found in the oceans. It has long projections and flared lips that can be blown to produce sounds. Conch shell comes under various shape and size. 

Conch shells may be medium to large size shell. They are used as wind instruments; blowing horns and as a trumpet too because of its trumpet similar sound.

It is believed that the queen conch shell is the rarest and one of the best conch shells in the world. The pearl found in queen conch shells is also the most expensive pearl because of its rare qualities. They are used for many religious practices and health benefits.

Where are conch shells found?

Conch shells are found in the tropical waters; like the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. This is because the conch lives in the shallows waters such as the reefs and the sea-grass habitats.

You can find conch shells in Western Australia; Sanibel Island; Barricane beach, UK; Costa Rica; Cambodia and Albufeira, Portugal to name a few. 

The shells have different shapes with beautiful attractive colors. In some cultures; they are used as shell money; whereas in others they are used for maintaining home security and to ward off evil spirits. 

What does conch shell symbolize?

The conch shell represents and symbolizes order, rational thoughts and civilization but it has a much deeper meaning with cultures and religious beliefs. 

I remember as a child; my grandfather has this beautiful shell; which he uses for traditional medicines, (and heal many people with gastrointestinal issues); but sadly he passed away before I was old enough to understand it's traditional values. 

Well, in Buddhism; the Conch shell is used as a call to awaken someones' from ignorance and also as a sign of victory over suffering. It is also one of the eight auspicious symbols in Buddhism; signifies truthfulness and strength.

Chinese Buddhism used it as a prosperous journey; whereas in Islam, it represents hearing the divine world. 

In Hinduism; it is known as the Shankha; where it is specially used by Lord Vishnu and it represents life. The spiral formation inside the shell is believed to be symbolic of infinity.  

Since the shells are born of the ocean; it is associated with the element of water and strongly with that of the moon; the waves and tides. It has strong energy which is believed; to draw things which you desire into your life.

What do conch shells represent?

Based on many traditional and cultural beliefs and practices; conch shell represents many factors. In Greek mythology; it represents love; where Aphrodite, the goddess of love; was supposedly born from a seashell and hence conch shells is symbolic for Aphrodite.

In Africa and Native America; people used it as a form of currency where they buy and exchange things with it. They used it as wampum beads; made from these shells as money. Therefore some people used it as a magic spell for money. Hence it represents wealth and prosperity.

It also represents protection because naturally, the conch shell is used for protection. This is its main purpose; to protect the small harmless creatures safe in the ocean. Many cultures in the coastal areas used shells to protect their homes from the evil spirit and bad energies. They used it by hanging it with strings on the doors and windows.  

The queen conch shell represents grace, beauty, nobility and it is the epitome of the femaleness of the sea.

Types of Conch Shell

Conch Shells are of different types. They come on various shapes, size and color. They are:

1. The Queen Conch

2. The Horse Conch

3. The Fighting Conch

4. The Crown Conch

5. The Cones

Besides these; there are various small shells; such as the cowry, jingles, limpets, olives, murex, Nautilus, the moon snail and many more.

The magic of a Conch Shell sound

Conch Shell has many magical healing and properties. The right-handed conch shell is auspicious and keeping it at home can bring good luck and prosperity. Blowing the shell brings many health benefits that many people are not aware of.

Let's have a look at the magic of the conch shell sounds and be ready to blow your conch shell trumpet.

1. Blowing a conch shell is good for your heart. It opens the blockage in the arteries as it needs a lot of pressure to blow it. Many doctors recommended it as an exercise for lungs and diaphragm.

2. The sound of the shell is belief to demolish the germs and insects such as mosquitoes and flies.

3. It helps in stammering issues. So, if you are a stammer; blowing a conch shell might solve the problem because it helps the thyroid glands and the vocal cords.

4. Blowing the shells regularly; helps the prostate region to be healthy and enhances positive psychological vibrations.

5. Releases negative energy from the body and makes you feel calm. The ocean sounds produce by the conch when you hold it to your ear is just magical.

6. The sound of the conch is also used for meditation in temples.

Medicinal uses:

Shankha is used in Ayurveda medicines to treat many ailments. It is prepared as conch shell ash by soaking the shell in lime juice and helps to purify the lungs.

  • The shells are rich in calcium, magnesium and iron; so using it as powder form is good for the bones and teeth.
  • It aids digestive issue and gastrointestinal problem.
  • It also heals skin diseases like allergies and rashes. Just keep water inside the conch and wash your face the next morning with this water.
  • Releases stress and produce peace of mind. Holding a conch to your ear and listen to its sound produce a soothing frequency to the mind and makes you feel calm and gentle.
  • It reduces depression.

If you have high blood pressure consult your doctor first before using the conch.

The conch shell has found its way to many homes and houses now. Even though it is largely used in temples for worshipping but due to its powerful benefits and beliefs; many people are looking for a Conch shell to bring them luck and prosperity.

It has rich rituals; that people have been following since time immemorial plus; priority given to the fact that it has immense health benefits both physically and mentally.

For more details, visit Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc.


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