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Carpet Cleaning In Sherman Oaks
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The mistaken identity

Every carpet is made from different products. That is why each type of carpet has its specific cleaning requirement, maintenance programs and standard carpet care. Knowing this will prevent any mishandling of carpet and will make cleaning more effective. There are different carpets with different cleaning solutions and cleaning methods. So, it is best to learn first the identity of the carpet before planning and implementing the cleaning procedure.

What should come first before the cleaning?

When carpet cleaning Sherman oaks ca look at the carpet, they do not immediately assume the requirement without learning first some vital information related to it. Like for example; the installation involved with the said carpet plays a role in the maintaining procedure since different fibers have different method of cleaning while how it was installed will also be considered in the process of cleaning that should be introduced as a standard.

Different fibers different cleaning method; different spots and stains, different solutions

  1. There are fibers that will easily shrink so use the recommended procedure to prevent this
  2. A dime size spot can expand to a foot size stain. Knowing what the spot is will help determine if the need to eliminate it is an acid-base product or an alkaline –based product.
  3. Knowing the cause of the spot will help the cleaner test this with their chemicals before directly working on the carpet.
  4. To clean spots, start working from the outside going inside to prevent expanding the spot.
  5. Remove excess blotbut don’t try rubbing it since it will spread farther out.

Don’t violate the warranty

Importantly, knowing the product will give ease in identifying the solutions and the procedure of cleaning that can be implemented to fit the require cleaning one that will not violate the warranty given by the manufacturer.


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