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Benefits of Singing Bowl Healing
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A singing bowl is actually a bell. The bell vibrates and it is from that vibration that a rich and deep sound is produced. These ‘bowls’ are used to promote relaxation and healing.


Ways To Use A Singing Bowl

The vibrating sound produced by the bowl is said to reduce stress and various ailments that involve pains and aches. The bowls are often used in conjunction with other forms of healing.

The ‘singing’ vibrations reduce stress by harmonizing, or realigning, the cells of the body. In other words, the body’s energy system becomes balanced as a result of the vibrations.


The Benefits

Studies have been conducted to determine the healing properties of singing bowl therapy. Two groups of individuals suffering from chronic pain received two different forms of treatment.

The methods used were singing bowl therapy and a placebo treatment. Both groups recorded significant reductions in the intensity of their pain following the prescribed series of six sessions.

Another study shows that singing bowl therapy has an impact on relaxation. The study, conducted in 2014, recorded blood pressure and heart rate reductions in test subjects.


How Singing Bowls Are Used

The singing bowl includes a mallet. The mallet is used to create the vibrations. The mallet must be firmly pressed against the outside or inside of the bell (bowl) and moved in a circular motion.

The motion causes the bowl to vibrate. Once a bright and clear tone is produced, the circular motion can be slowed down. The motion is best made by using your full arm in the action.


Where To Purchase Your Singing Bowl

In Alameda, California singing bowls are available at Navadurga Handicrafts & Singing Bowl House, Inc. The bowls are effective in treating pain, headaches, stress, anxiety and depression.

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thanked by the blogger    .   Greg Schaeffer
great article, thanks for the information
  .   Larry Oshiola
I read the above article it will be nice it helps people who want Singing Bowl Healing. I also write a blog related to cosmetic health surgery.6 Plastic Surgery myth.
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