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Flowers for Every Occasion
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Flowers are a beautiful creation of nature that allow you to convey your deepest emotions. From happy moments to sad moments, flowers make for the perfect gifting item. They are also extremely affordable and easily available which is why most people opt for flowers over actual presents for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasion.


Here are a few occasions where you can send flowers to the person instead of a gift or even if you just want to convey your wishes -


Flowers are a great gift for house warming especially potted plants. These can be easily placed inside the house as well in the person’s balcony, terrace or veranda. If you are planning to gift potted flowers for indoor placement, ensure you buy succulents, palms, money plants, bamboo and other such plants which are perfect for indoor plant placement and require low sunlight. If you are planning to gift a basket of fresh flowers, then you must add another present that will be more long lasting such as décor, artwork, cutlery and so on. You can customize this with assorted flowers in a vase that the person can later use for artificial flowers!

Flowers are some of the most affordable and easily available items that you can gift to your loved ones on their birthdays. With a tiny handwritten greeting card, your bouquet becomes the perfect present in itself and doesn’t need another present along with it. It is also perfect for officially gifting such as gifting your clients and your coworkers. For bouquets and flowers baskets, you can easily book these online and place and online delivery to send flowers to Udaipur or any part of the country for minimal delivery rates.

Patients in bedrest
A lot of patients in bedrest are on strict diet which means you cannot gift them chocolates or snacks, so it makes sense to send them a bunch of bright flowers in bedrest. Bright flowers instantly brighten up a person’s mood just by looking at them! You can easily order custom flowers and flowers baskets online at any gifting stores that send flowers to Udaipur or any part of the country. Along with a basket of flowers, you can also send them a basket of fresh fruits that they can eat in bedrest. Don’t forget to add a custom handwritten note in the flower basket!

At a sad event such as a funeral, flowers make for the ideal item to convey your condolences to the person. Pale flowers in light pinks, whites and pale yellows are usually the colors chosen for funeral flowers. Even if it is a near and dear one or if it is a person from your client’s side who has away, you can convey your condolences with a bouquet of pale flowers with a handwritten note that conveys your condolences to that person. Most people also send a box of fresh fruits to the person’s home along with flowers so you can opt for that too.

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