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Fastest Growing Flowers of the Season
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Nothing could come close to the charm of well-arranged flowers. The fresh fragrant arrangements have all the possibility to mesmerize anyone on the planet. Happiness seems to be the other name of the flowers. Nowadays one could not imagine anything par then gifting a fresh hand craft bouquet to loved ones. But, certainly this cost a big hole in the pocket, really big, so why not plant it in your own backyard.

It may sound a weird idea, and you would say that why to wait months for that. Let me tell you there are many flowers which are fast growing and requires very little. Most of the portals that send online flowers focus on these seasonal fast growing flowers as they cost less and are very much in demand.

  • Pot Marigold

Calendula Officinalis better known as Pot Marigold is a plant in the genus Calendula of the family Asteraceae. This plant is native to the Africa and best suited for garden cultivation. These plants grow up to 30 inches and features bright green foliage, and 3-inch blooms. It is available in variegated colours from light yellow to bright orange. Pot marigolds floral arrangements are edible and are used to add colour in salads mainly in African region. In India, it is used as medical herb and also works as a dye for fabric and cosmetics.

  • Cosmos

This beautiful flower is basically a genus which means a biological classification which is below a family and above the species. It belongs to the sunflower family and is native to the Mexico.  It is a seasonal flower, mostly found in hot summer and grows up to the height of 7ft producing large colourful flowers with broad petal. The biggest quality of this flower is that it can grow in extremely poor soil as well and can tolerate hot and humid condition.

  • Black eyed Susan

Black eyed susan which is scientifically known as Rudbeckia Hirta is a flowering plant which belongs to sunflower family. The plant is native to eastern and northern America. It can grow up to 100cm long and 45cm wide and found mostly in late summer and early autumn. It appears black at the centre with yellow ray florets. In many places this flower is referred as symbol of justice and medically used to fight cold, flu and infection.

  • Blanket flower

Gaillardia, commonly known as blanket flower is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family, which is native to north and South America. These are the annual growing herbs and sub-shrubs, grows up to the maximum height of 80 centimeters. They may vary in shapes and are present in almost every shade of yellow, orange, red, purplish, brown and white. As the name suggests, it is very hard, strength flower and can grow very easily from seed.

  • Sweet Alyssum

Lobularia maritime is the scientific name of Sweet Alyssum. The annual short-lived plant grows up to 30 cm. The flowers are formed in cluster of tiny blooms which are very soft and delicate. Mostly people associate the flower with only white colour but it is also available in shades of purple, white, lavender, and pink.

The above described flowers are the most common choice of florist to use in bouquet. These flowers are the best suited for gardens as all these are aromatic and appear beautiful.

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