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Best shopping credit cards in Singapore 2018
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There are many types of credit cards specially designed to cater to the needs of customers. They are classified in such a manner that the more you spend in those categories, the more rewards you gain. These include categories such as shopping, travel, dining, petrol, entertainment, and grocery, among others. Rewards may be in the form of cashback, rebate, or rewards points when you shop either online or from a store, or both. Some cards offer you rewards even when you shop overseas.

We all have cards related to our lifestyle. For all the compulsive shoppers out there, many credit exclusive cards available in Singapore. But how do we know the best ones in the market for us? Let us give you all the important information about the top five shopping cards.

1. OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

  • Reward type: Reward points (OCBC$)

  • Card benefits:

    • Whenever you use the OCBC Titanium Rewards Card to buy electronics,
      clothes, bags, shoes, personal care and children’s wear, you can get 10 OCBC$
      per dollar (or equivalent) spent.

    • This is applicable to department store purchases, as well as online, offline, local and overseas transactions.

    • For all other transactions, S$1 spent is equal to 1 OCBC$ earned.

  • Minimum spend: S$10,000 per year

  • Annual fee: S$192.60, waived for two years

  • Annual income requirement: For Singapore citizens and PRs, it is S$30,000 or more and for foreign nationals the income required is S$45,000 or more.

2. Citi Rewards Card

  • Reward type: Reward points (Citi dollars)       

  • Card benefits:

    • You can earn 10 Citi dollars for every S$1 you spend on online and offline as well as local and overseas shopping of shoes, bags and clothes, and on department store purchases.

    • You cannot accumulate more than 120,000 points in a year under the 10x Citi Dollars-earning category.

    • When you make other purchases using the Citi Rewards Card, you get 1 Citi dollar per S$1.

  • Annual fee: S$192.60, waived for the first year

  • Minimum spend: N/A

  • Annual income requirement: For Singapore citizens and PRs, it is S$30,000 or more and it is S$42,000 or more for foreign nationals.

3. DBS Woman’s World MasterCard

  • Reward type: Reward points (DBS points)

  • Card benefits:

    • For every S$5 you spend online, you will gain either 20 miles or 10 DBS points. You will earn 10 DBS points only on the initial S$2,000 spent online in a calendar month. After that amount, you will have to be content with 1 DBS point per S$5.

    • For every S$5 you spend overseas, you will get either 6 miles or 3 times the DBS points.

  • Minimum spend: S$25,000 per year.

  • Annual fee: S$192.60

  • Annual income requirement: Anyone earning above S$80,000 can apply for this card.

4. HSBC Revolution Card

  • Reward type: Rewards points

  • Card benefits:

    • You will get 5 Reward Points or 2 miles for every dollar you spend on online purchases, entertainment and dining.

    • You will earn 1 Rewards Point on other retail transactions.

  • Minimum spend: N/A

  • Annual fee: S$160.50, which is waived for the first two years.

  • Annual income requirement: For Singapore citizens and PRs, it is S$30,000 or more and it is S$40,000 or more for foreign nationals.

5. Standard Chartered Spree Card

  • Rewards type: Cashback

  • Card benefits:

    • Online foreign currency transactions can get you a cashback of 3% and an online local transaction can get you a cashback of 2%.

    • If the item(s) you purchased online are found on another site at a lower price, you can inform the bank and Standard Chartered will pay you half of the price difference between them. However, this amount is capped at S$250.

    • Shopping at retail products and stores can get you 1% cashback.

    • The total cashback earned is limited to S$60 every month.

  • Minimum spend: N/A

  • Annual fee: S$192.60, waived for two years

  • Annual income requirement: For Singaporeans, it is S$30,000 and above and for foreigners it is S$60,000 and above.

Now that you know the top credit cards for shopping in Singapore, isn’t it easier to decide which one to add to your wallet? We’re glad to help!

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