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A Guide to Successful Mystery Shopping
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If you are looking to be a great mystery shopper, you might as well start here. You can be a secret shopper, or you can opt to be a successful one. The difference between the two could lie in how they think and how each carries out their shopping.


It is very easy to become a mystery shopper and even make some money out of it and get to keep some nice products from all your mystery shopping. It is however completely a different thing for you to become a successful mystery shopper. You need to put in some real time if you want tobecome successful and start attracting those high paying clients. Getting a tip on top of some of the refund for the products you might have purchased, is not enough to sustain you comfortably. You have a lot of utilities bills such as electricity, gas, water and evenrent that you have to be paying for on a monthly or weekly basis. You therefore need to make sure that you are making as much money as you require to have a comfortablelife. Here are some points to help you out with that:

Good Time Management

To become a successful mystery shopper, you will need to be a very good time manager. This will help you in ensuring that you are able to get to venues on time, do yourmystery shopping on time and write and forward the reports before your deadline is up. You should know exactly how much time to allocate to each task based on the timeline provided by the client. If you do not have much time, always take less projects to make sure that you are able to complete them in the specified time. If you are not able to complete your assignments on time, you will create a bad reputation for yourself and that means getting less and less jobs.

Great Memory and Observational Skills

When you are out there mystery shopping there are things that you will need to note so that you can incorporate them into your report. Things like the name of the person who is serving you and other simple things about the person. You need to be very observant not to miss any important details that might be important for the exercise. You also need to have great memory to remember all that you need to put in your report, especially since you cannot write while doing your shopping to prevent attracting attention. Make sure you also note the surroundings and anything that might be out of order in that establishment.

Good Writing Skills

No matter how good you are at observing and remembering things or how good you are at managing time, if you are not able to write a great and useful report you will not achieve a lot. To be successful at mystery shopping, you will need to improve your writing skills over time to make you a better shopper. The better you explain the scenario, the easier it will be for the client to rectify the situation back at their business. You can take some part time online writing classes to improve your writing and it will pay off.

If you develop all the three qualities discussed above, you will be able to take several mystery shopping assignments at a time and completing them all in time. Keep your reports well detailed and precise.

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