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Beware of bad SEO techniques
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Everyone wants to see their websites in the front page of google, and they are ready to do anything to make it happen.

But seriously, do people ever think about what google wants?

Google wants to show the best websites to its users so they will develop trust in google's search results. As website owners, we need to help google by tuning our website in the right way so when the customer sees our website in google search results, he/she will actually thank google.

Instead of focusing on tuning for SEO, many website owners spam their websites in order to attract google's attention. Bad SEO techniques can damage the reputation of your website.

Spamming (bad SEO):

- Using unrelated keywords
- Stuffing too many keywords into the content
- Adding superfluous HTML tags to impress google
- Aiming at overnight results

Tuning (good SEO):

- Using keywords that are relevant to your website
- Creating useful and interesting content
- Adding relevant HTML tags
- Expecting steady results

A good SEO expert can help you get to the top of the search results in a healthy way. We the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists are passionate about putting your website at the front page of search engines without costing you a nickel and a dime.

Reach out to us at http://www.webservicesct.com/seo.


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