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What is Louvre Window Blinds?
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The Louvre Window Blinds system with the Glaze Lift mechanism is used to integrate blinds inside double glazing. The system consists of a cord for raising the louvres and a flexible cable for rotation. It is also available without the Glaze retraction lifting mechanism .

The advantages of the Louvre Window Blinds in Pune  is that the system is located between double glazing and as a result it is not affected by the air, soiled by dust or other factors and it also saves space.

How to Measure

First determine, if the customer has a preference .inside the window mount or outside the window mount.  (Most customers prefer inside mount when possible.)Some products are better suited for outside mount, verticals, shutters, roman shades & roller shades are generally better suited as outside mount installations.

Are you Looking for Frameless Glass Partitions in Pune?

Use a metal tape measure

Measure in inches and fractions of inches.

Inside Mount.

  • Look at the window and determine if there is enough room or depth for the window covering to mount inside the casing. Watch for crank handles, locking mechanisms, alarms, etc. that would interfere with the operation or mounting of the blind.
  • Measure the exact opening.  Always measure the width first . Measure the width at the top, middle, and bottom. Use the smallest measurement.
  • Measure the height at the left edge, center and right edge, write down the smallest  number.
  • Don’t take anything off the measurements, the factory will calculate and take a deduction from your measurements in production.

Outside Mount.

  • Measure the opening, then determine how much overlap the window covering is going to need to have enough coverage for  mounting, light gaps, privacy, etc. Add the desired overlap to the window opening measurements for the final measurement. 

Exterior Louvre and Metal Ceiling in Pune

There are some other types of window coverings:


  • Wood blinds: Real wood blinds always give a warm, upscale look to your decor and can be a cost effective alternative to wood shutters.
  • Faux wood blinds: Faux wood blinds are great when an alternate to real wood is desired for moist areas such as kitchens and baths or when extra durability is needed such as playrooms or garages.
  • Aluminum mini blinds: Sleek and modern, tried and true.  When you need lots of color choices or don’t have deep window sills, aluminum blinds are still a good choice.  One of the most economical window treatments.
  • Textured Horizontals: Create a perfectly coordinated room by matching texture and finish on Kirsch Vertical Blinds for patio doors and large windows with the same finishes for your average size windows with Textured Blinds


 The vertical blind is a versatile covering for any window, but particularly effective on large glass expanses such as sliding glass doors.

  • Panel Track  (not really a vertical but similar): A sliding fabric panel system best on large expanses of glass.  Clean lines and European elegance describes this unique window covering


  • Roller Shades: A time tested favorite.  Can be plain or decorative.  Roller shades can be used with any décor, from traditional to ultra modern.  They can be combined with other treatments to add additional privacy or room darkening (space permitting).
  • Sheer Horizontal Shades:  Soft elegance is the look you get with this multi functional product.  It consists of a horizontal fabric slat between two sheer fabric facings, which can be closed for privacy, opened to view through sheer or rolled up completely into the headrail.
  • Cellular Shades (also called Honeycomb): Another great way to have a soft clean look and get great protection from the elements. Cellular shades have the highest “R” value of any window product. Shades are made from woven and non woven polyester fabrics.
  • Woven Wood Shades: A natural product made from wood, grasses,reeds and bamboo with the characteristic flaws and variations found in nature.  A great organic, textural look that goes with any decor.
  • Roman Shades: A soft fabric treatment which can be used alone or in conjunction with drapery panels.
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