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Looking for Premium UPVC Windows and Doors?
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Satori Cnsulting ‘s basic endeavor is to improve the Quality of life by introducing world-class energy efficient innovative products. We are the first to introduce the following in India. We are High value-added materials processing company with international competitiveness. Satori Consulting provides complete window solution package, our products meet the stringent Quality benchmark.

We continue to make strenuous efforts to combine our company's philosophy with humanism, value creation, environment protection, and emphasis on excellence leading us to cater to the Indian market.

What is  Premium UPVC Windows?

The main ingredient of Satori Consulting is based on rigid PVC (PolyVinyl Chloride) material, Because uPVC is blended by subsidiary materials such as a reinforcing agent for hardness enhancement, filler, and ultraviolet ray absorbing & intercepting agents, etc. The blended material is vital to attain the desired manufacturing of the window profile during extrusion and processing that give durability to the product.

Also, it is an environment-oriented material available to recycle, Moreover, unlike metalic materials, it feels soft, and it suits for human beings physiologically as it utilized vinyl resin, which is neutral.

Satori Consulting windows is committed to give our valued customers a range of products that are custom designed, fabricated in the state of the art facilities & installed by our trained technician to match the desired requirements. uPVC Casement Windows in Pune.

Features of our Windows


Sealed thermetically for lowering heating and cooling costs. In the whole thermal loss of the structure, the major portion of the loss passes through window. Therefore it is the most appropriate to use high thermal insulation and low thermal conductivity window.


Soundproof effect to prevent noise completely Through maximizing the soundproof effect with an excellent profile design. Satori Consulting thoroughly absorbs sounds of traffic. airport, and construction sites.


More than 45% of atmospheric oxygen requires the continuous burning in PVC, but the oxygen content of the air is 21%. Therefore, PVC does not have the continuance of burning because PVC exists only from 45 to 49% of the oxygen index. In other words. it is self-extinguishing material.

Oxygen Index : As it is the measurement indispensable for the continuous burning, a higher index point means harder to burn.


The lower degree of airtightness, the less air to let in to indoors by external pressure. Therefore the excellence can be proven by the low degree.


Feel free to use in the coastal area & industrial complex because it is not corroded and transformed by the sea breeze. salt, noxious gas, and acid rain.

  • It does not melt below the following temperature
  • Durable
  • No pitting, peeling, and drying out

Satori Consulting does not shrink and expand against extreme change of weather in the summer and winter seasons. It minimized transformation and distortion by using specially processed PVC material.


Different to other window profiles, which make walls rot and stain by water permeability, Satori Consultingis outstanding for watertightness, so it is much safer from a heavy rain and storm.


Since, with a distinctive design, it complements weaknesses of rigidity and noise by opening and closing that wood and aluminum windows have, it works gently without a break.


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