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SAP CO Module
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SAP CO is another essential module in SAP. SAP controlling incorporates SAP CO arrangement and SAP CO client and comprises of ace information, design and revealing. Ace information specified here can be taken a toll components, cost focuses, benefit focuses, inner requests, practical region, factual key figures and action sorts. Cost components incorporate all the cost and income accounts, cost focuses and benefit focuses incorporate all the departmental units that handle cost and benefit of a venture, inner requests incorporate all the imperative occasions et cetera. The SAP CO usage enables one to see the information of costs required inside inward administration. This module encourages you show signs of improvement perspective of fund revealing and causes you oversee records and take different choices identified with the association. Additionally, this module empowers associations to oversee announcing and data database according to the necessity for their business. 

SAP HANA Training Controlling assumes a critical part for the administration basic leadership and CO Module is utilized for the inner announcing reason. Controlling Area is the hierarchical unit used to speak to the controlling exercises of Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, Product Costing and Profitability, and so forth. 

SAP CO Module contains the accompanying sub-modules: 

· Cost Element Accounting 

· Cost Center Accounting 

· Profit Center Accounting 

· Internal Orders 

· Product Cost Controlling

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