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Which energy efficient roof product is right for you
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Homeowners who are looking to save money on energy bills while also doing their small part to help out the environment have a number of options when it comes to roofing products. There are solar panels, solar shingles, reflective coatings, green roofs, and materials that are just naturally better insulators. So which should you choose?


Solar panels and shingles


Of all the energy efficient roof options you have, only solar panels or shingles will actually generate electricity to power the rest of your home. Of the two, panels are the cheaper option but are still cost prohibitive for many people. Many people also don’t like the look of solar panels since they’re only installed on some sections of the roof and aren’t uniform. Solar shingles like the ones Tesla makes are even more expensive up front but are a lot more aesthetically pleasing. Depending on the climate and the way your roof faces, solar roof products may not be the best option for you.


White roofs


White roofs can refer to any roof that is treated with a reflective coating so that it retains less heat and reduces cooling costs in the summer. It’s a lot less expensive than installing a new roof but it will need to be reapplied every few years as the elements will cause it to wear off over time.


Green roofs


Roofs that have soil and plant life atop them are naturally great insulators and are the holy grail of environment friendly roofs but they aren’t the most practical option and require a lot more maintenance than the average roof.


Other options


Slate, tile, metal, and some synthetic materials are going to be more energy efficient naturally plus they tend to last longer than asphalt shingles. They’re more expensive than asphalt but less than solar shingles or panels.


For specific advice for your particular situation, it may help to discuss your options with a Spokane roofing company.


Home improvement news brought to you by bartonroof.com


Source: tucson.com/lifestyles/home-and-garden/are-roofing-tiles-that-act-as-mini-solar-modules-a/article_aaa3637e-e1fa-5998-af0b-ef183d4b3b57.html

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