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4 Vital Tips to Set Your Sales Floor to Enhance Your Sales
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You have to be more than perfect in every aspect of your business and for this you have to be overtly meticulous. Your sales force is not an exception to this and the displays call for continuous reinvention so that shoppers don’t get bored and move somewhere else.

Here are some areas that require attention and can benefit your business. Just spare a few minutes and read on to know.  

  • Never Place Anything on the Decompression Zone – Just after entering your store there is a 5’ space. This is called the Decompression Zone. Customers just breeze in through it and never stop to see anything that you place there. That is why, this area is also called the No Man’s Land. You may be wondering that why your new product line is not selling. You have put in a sign just inside the door but still you get no sales. Here lies the problem. Shoppers are not ready to shop yet and that is why everything that you place within 5’ of your front door is practically invisible. There are many stores who have placed important products in the decompression zone and they have not sold. Every time you go inside your favourite retail chain you will find nothing on the decompression zone. That is a fact that you as an owner need to accept.
  • Start with the Store Windows – Your windows should be able to entice the onlookers in a way that they are compelled to enter your store and shop. Inspirations and ideas should be the main ingredients of your window display. If you have not got a place for actual display then take a photograph and hang it in your window. Many retails have benefited from creating low cost window clings.
  • First Impression Matters – In just 10 seconds or less, customers who enter your shop makes a value judgement. In that 10 seconds, they will determine whether it is the place where they should be or not. There are a number of things that you should consider, in this case, like what your store says in the first 10 seconds, is the sales floor interesting or not, do the customers get to know what you sell within the first 10 seconds or not and so on. Stand at the front door for an objective look and determine these factors. After all you will never get a second chance to create your first impression.  
  • Baskets Should Not be Placed in the Decompression Zone – Baskets are of significant demand in case of any retail business. It has been revealed through research that people who shop with a basket or a cart tend to remain 15 minutes longer and spend 25% more than what they have initially intended to. Try to place your baskets just past the Decompression Zone and spread it throughout the store. This way they become handy and the shopper can take one whenever they feel like.

The above are some of the ways in which you can set your sales floor for improving your sales. The successful retail houses like Store99 have practiced these themselves and staunchly recommend these steps for everyone. 

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