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4 Questions You Should Avoid Asking Your Retail Customers
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The ecommerce revolution was expected to sweep away the existence of every brick and mortar retail outlet. But it has proved to be otherwise. In spite of the inexorable onslaught of the ecommerce retailers, the physical retail stores are still slated to make more than 80% of the transactions.

That is why it is better to stop looking at the online retailers as the primary foes of the brick and mortar shops. Once you start to probe you will find that many people find difficulties in shopping at the retail stores and this happens for being asked some of the most irrelevant questions by the salespersons.

Let’s have a look at them so that you know what to avoid and what no to.

  • Are you thinking of buying something?

You may be shocked to hear that such questions are still asked but this is true. This is a ridiculous way of deciding between buyers and lookers. It is true that many times people go into the shop not intending to purchase anything but they get so captivated by the displays, the ambience and the salespersons that they end up buying something. Now, such a comment from a pushy salespersons have driven away many who had some intentions of buying too.

  • How are you?

To be honest nobody really cares to answer this. Everyone including the customer knows that you are least bothered about the answer to this question. But still they have to reply to you with the stereotypical answer and also ask about you. After that, there usually is a chance that you launch into another unthinking question or just go into an awkward silent. The thing that is wrong here is the fact that you never want to make your customer lie to you. Instead you can ask your customer to feel free to look around and you will be right back whenever they need you.

  • Can I assist you in finding something?

This is something which is sheer novice for a salesman. This is something that you have heard many times in the shops but that does not mean that it is right. This is wrong because it starts with the idea that customers have a clear idea about what they are looking for. However, under most circumstances that is not the case. They are not trying to fix anything. Most often they are trying to solve a much larger problem that cannot have a single solution and can have a number of options to choose from.

  • What is your budget?

This is another one of the question that you should not ask your customers. While customers may often say that they only came in to check out the sale it not always true. So it is always better not to ask the question upfront. This way, as a salesman, you are limiting the customer’s options thinking that they won’t spend beyond what they have already planned. This way the customer also does not get the option of the best solution which always costs more. But understand this that it is natural human behaviour to try their best to buy something that they like in most cases. So there is a high chance that they will put all their efforts to get the best solution even if it means exceeding their budget. So you should frame your question correctly and say that you have a range of options at varied prices and ask if you can show them all.

The above are some of the questions that you should never ask your customers when they visit your retail outlet. These are some of the methods of smart retailing that established and successful retail outlets like Store 99 follow to not only attract new customers but to win over the hearts of the present customers so that they come back again to your store. 

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