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Ball Python Care Tips for Beginners
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Not everyone knows that a ball python can be a great companion too. They are docile and easy to take care of. If you are planning on getting your first ball python, you should start here.

A ball python or royal python is one of the stocky snakes out there but has a relatively small head. Its scale is smooth, it has dark to light brown blotches on the back and at the sides, its white or creamy belly has scattered black markings, and it can reach up to 6 ft. long.

Because of its nature to become bulky, having a python as a pet can be challenging, even for reptile lovers. If you are new to this but willing to have one as a companion, here are a few ball python care tips created for beginners:

#1: Provide the appropriate habitat

As a responsible ball python owner, you need to prepare an appropriate habitat for the snake. If you are starting with a baby ball python, prepare at least a 30 L tank to accommodate its growing size, its normal behavior, and to allow the snake to roam within the tank.

Also, choose a larger and quieter area where you can place the tank, and make sure to place a mash on top of the tank so that it cannot escape.

What to place inside the tank?

Since you are growing a python you need to make the tank comfortable for the snake; as an example, here are a few things to prepare for your ball python’s tank:

  • Get a heat lamp and thermometers – Ball pythons are warm-blooded animals; they will need a hot spot within the tank for relaxation. Using a heat lamp and a thermometer, make sure to have one side of the tank at around 90 – 95 degrees. Also, using another thermometer, prepare a cold spot with a temperature of between 75 – 80 degrees. Always check the monitor daily.
  • Create a hiding place – Pythons in general love to hide; so, make a hiding place for the snake in both hot and cold spots. To make your snake comfortable, you need to get more details about this.
  • A tub – Snake sometimes love to take a dip, so make sure to add a tub inside the tank.

# 2: Feed it properly

Although bulky, pythons do not eat every day as other pets do. Ball pythons need to be fed every 7 – 14 days and lesser during winter. Feed the snake with thawed frozen rodent and or you have to pre-kill a live rat.

Make sure to remove the rodent an hour after being served as food. If the python declines, do not try feeding the snake again after a couple of hours of the attempt; instead, try to feed a baby ball python the next day or several days to one week after the attempt if you are growing an adult ball python.

Also, never carry the python after feeding it to avoid it from vomiting. Lastly, make sure to keep fresh clean water all the time inside the tank.

Additional notes

There are more tips to take note of; here are a few:

  • Be patient when carrying a python.
  • Always prepare a basin that allows your python to take a dip.
  • Always clean your python’s tank.
  • Always watch out for signs of disease.
  • Visit the nearest vet for additional caring tips and advice.
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