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The Past Should Stay Dead ...
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Everyone has regrets I believe my biggest regret still to this day was letting go of the one who stayed the one who was there by my side through it all.

The one i neglected and cast to the side when all she wanted was my love i was so blind so stupid and failed to realize that what I had with her ide never find with anyone else. Heed this warning that when i tell you that you never know what you have until its gone its the truth.

Because the moment you finally realize what you have it could be to late and trust me you don't want find yourself staring at what you could have had as the one who cared for you so much stops caring and becomes the one who is cared for. As she moves on Leaving you in a sea of sadness wishing you could feel that feeling she once brought to your heart but sadly knowing that those days are forever locked in an untouchable past whats done is done i can never go back.

So to everyone out there with a significant other that does everything in their power to be perfect for you make sure you hold on tightly to them Loves a hard thing to find in this world today and the ones lucky enough to find it please don't make my mistakes.

Hold on to them you could find yourself reaching out for a heart you once owned but cant ever touch again because that heart belongs to another.....  

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