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New Year’s Eve from Hookup to Set-Up: Here’s How You Can Stress Less
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It’s official. With the countdown to New Year’s Eve underway, stress levels have started to mount. From last minute plans to whether or not a blind date is a wise choice to how to play it right at Midnight, deciding what to do can make this evening seem more like a hassle than a celebration.  Here are a few suggestions and tips that might help you enjoy the festivities, hot or not, minus the angst:

The Kiss at Midnight

For plenty of people New Year’s is an excuse to plant their lips on someone, so beware of kissing bandits or turning into one!  It’s easy to confuse a best friend, a best friend’s ex or your last sweetheart for a romantic prospect, particularly when you’ve had one too many cocktails and too little food to absorb the liquor. A kiss for the sake of ringing in the New Year isn’t a bad thing as long as it does not put you in a difficult, hard-to-handle or embarrassing situation. There’s nothing more stressful than waking up to blurred memories and regrets of finding someone, the wrong one, in your bed in the morning so choose your kisses cautiously.

First or Blind Date

Do you pass up dinner with friends for a potentially romantic evening with a stranger you met on line? Go for it! It’s a bold and daring way to ring in the New Year as long as you don’t have unrealistic expectations of sparks flying into the morning. First or blind dates on holidays have added pressure, so go easy on yourself and the person you are meeting. It’s also wise to have a backup plan in case you want to join a party, solo or with your date if it’s going well, for the second half of the evening.   

The Group Set Up

As luck has it, you’ve been invited to a house party where the woman or man you’ve been eyeing will be attending.   If you’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever, now’s your chance! Expect anticipation to be high and do what you can before heading out to calm those nerves.  Just remember, your focus here should be on the party and being part of the festivities - not just on the person you are trying to woo. Otherwise if things don’t go in your favor you will start the New Year off feeling disappointed and rejected.

The Stand-Up

It’s never good news when the person you’ve been looking forward to spending New Year’s with suddenly has a change of heart. But don’t let a last minute cancellation in plans leave you stranded for New Years. You owe it to yourself to rally. And if that means staying in while surrounded with friends, ask them to join you at your place.  Or brave the elements and emotions and head out – give yourself permission to stop sulking for one night, it will make you feel more alive and you can always go back to your couch and sweats in the morning. 

About Author

Alex Wise is a dating consultant and blog contributor for Loveawake dating site. He has been covering online dating, relationships, online and marriage niche since 2008. He loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people to bring their dreams into reality

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