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How Unintended Personal Behavior May Cause Marriage Conflicts
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Marriage and separation

Marriages end because of many reasons, and typically, there is probably not a genuine or valid reason at all. In case your marriage hits the dead-end due to a particular reason, then, you’re most likely luckier than those who have never figured out why their marriage blown to smithereens. Notwithstanding, when you still feel attached to your wife or husband, you then you need a deeper understanding of an individual behavior to help you get your wife or husband back.

Clear your clogged emotions

First step is to stay away from the relationship for a while. Most women would hit the panic button. Perhaps, men may go into their ‘caves.’ Alternatively, women might really feel indignant, depressed or plain shocked. Importantly, spend some time nurturing your emotions. Go into a hiatus, if you will.

Clearing your clogged emotions is the most important part of the entire process of get your woman or man back. Clogged emotions hijack your mind and stop you from being rational. Moreover, many men or women, for example, take hasty and short sighted decisions regarding their estranged spouses in the fit of anger. Further, too much pride or ego can spoil a marriage. Marriages are meant for long hauls, never intended for short term.

Assessing the rift in your marriage

When you have sufficiently regained your composure and able to think clearly, analyze the situations you had been in your marriage. Perhaps, you still have the same feelings such as love and affection since you both married. Look for changes in the scenario that led to an eventful day of separation. We humans are rational and emotional. In other words, every individual will have his or her own pride, desire, dreams, and aspirations, to name a few. One would be severely hurt mentally, when one or more of these personal values are attacked or damaged. In such circumstances, a spouse may be deeply disappointed and may decide to leave the partner that is causing the harm emotionally.

Deeply guarded personal values

Surprisingly, many people may fiercely protect their personal values, for instance, and may become defensive when any of their emotional needs are questioned or threatened by other. When two individual involved in a marriage could have different or even contrasting personal values, this may lead to persistent conflicts. Unless both partners understand that a marriage is full of compromises and sacrifices, the said marriage could be in jeopardy.

Importance of personal freedom

It is critical to let other person enough freedom to explore individually and respect each others personal values and attitude. For example, some men leave their wives because they see their wives too demanding, controlling, and overbearing. This may arise due to the need to keep husbands on tight leash in order to protect their own interests like many women would assume. This also applies to men putting too many restrictions on their wives. However, such freedom curtailing may have negative impact on a marriage. However, any relationship that is based on curtailing an individual’s freedom could be detrimental not only to a marriage, but also to the family.

Developing self awareness

Unfortunately, many people fail to understand in their marriage that they regularly hurt other’s feeling though unintended. This unintentional personal behavior could cost one his or her marriage. Naturally, a successful and blissful marriage calls for deeper understanding of the self to begin with. It is essential to be strong and to take appropriate decisions. When women develop strong sense of freedom and individuality, they must also give the same to their husbands without a compromise, for instance. It is imperative to create a win-win relationship.

Attempt to renew a kind of relationship with your wife or husband that is more friend like than confined within the framework of a relationship or marriage. You may find it simpler for both of you to talk and find a new ground to enhance mutual respect, love and affection. Do not let your emotions control your life and ruin your marriage.

About Author 

Alex Wise is blog contributor and dating consultant of Loveawake.com. He works with single men across USAUKAustraliaCanada who feel like life is passing them by and helps them to get clear on what they really want and finally make their dreams happen. Through his tips and advices, Alex helps his clients simplify the process of taking back their power and create an extraordinary life. He has been covering online dating, relationships, breakups and marriage niche since 2008. Follow him on the company site or on Facebook and Twitter

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