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How to Boost YouTube Comments for Video Post Fast
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YouTube Comments:

Every day lots of people asking what is meant by YouTube comments in the comment section. To write comments on YouTube, First of all, you have to ensure that you are login into the YouTube channel. After opening the YouTube app, you will find a little icon on the top right corner of the app. After clicking the icon you will log into the app.

Once you are logged in, then go to the video you want to comment on. At the bottom of the video, you will find the comment button. You need just to press the button and enter your comment in the field. Then you need to press the submit button to make your comment visible. Some video allows your comment for moderation to prevent spamming comments.

Comments play a very important role in making the video famous. The more comments a video receive, the more popular it will be. Lot’s of the people now a day’s watch the video post based on the post positive comments. Also, many businesses used to buy YouTube comments for their video posts. This will help them increase their video popularity in a short period.

Ways to increase comments to your YouTube video post:

Comment plays an important role in boosting the rank of your video in the search engine and YouTube. If you want to increase your comments on a video, then you should end your question with a question mark.

  • The very first thing to get more comments for your video is making an error. It can be very beneficial in terms of getting more comments on your video.
  • Always give reply to your comments on your YouTube video
  • Display comments at the end of your video
  • Ask questions to your viewers at the end of your video. This makes the viewers' comments on your video.
  • Another best way to get more YouTube comments is by showing a video to your viewers. But don’t overdo that because it can lead your comment section a little bit toxic.

Benefits of YouTube comments:

  • YouTube commenting helps to boost the organic search of your video
  • It helps you to make your video viral in a short time
  • YouTube comment plays a massive role in increasing your video position 
  • A large number of YouTube comments will help you to get more likes and views to your video. 

If you want your video famous in a short time, then you can also purchase YouTube comments. But ensure that the comments you buy are genuine and are from real people because there are plenty of services provider offering fake comments in the market place now a day. So while buying YouTube comments for your video post, always ensure that the comments you buy are from real people.


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