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How to Fix iPhone Messages Disappeared
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How to Fix iPhone Messages Disappeared:

iPhone Messages App contains all text and multimedia messages. You may have received these messages from your family, friends and other people. The messages from bank and other organization are also important. When the iPhone messages are disappeared, you have find its solution. Here we will show you how to fix iPhone messages disappeared in an easier way.

How to Fix iPhone Messages Disappeared

iPhone messages can be disappeared because of various reasons. For example: If you have set up Messages History Settings as One Day then the iPhone System will delete your old messages after one day. If you set it for 30 days then the messages will be deleted at the end of every month. You should keep the Message History Settings as "Forever" to keep your precious messages safe and secure in your iPhone. Some iPhone users have faced messaged disappeared issue after updating iOS on their iPhone device.

iPhone system does not delete any message from iPhone without your consent. In case your iPhone messages have been disappeared mysteriously then there is some error in your iPhone. Don't worry, your messages are disappeared and not completely lost. That's why we are here to help you get your disappeared messages back on your iPhone. There are many different methods to fix iPhone Messages Disappeared which are as follows:

01. Close Messages App and Launch It Again

It is possible that your messages are still saved in the iPhone storage, but they are not visible. You can get those messages back in appearance with a simple technique. You just need to quit the Messages App on your iPhone and launch it again after sometime. If this trick works then you will get your iPhone messages back in no time. Kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. If you are in the Messages App on iPhone, get back to home screen.
  2. Hold the home button for a while to open Recent Apps slider on your iPhone.
  3. If you have iPhone X or newer model then Swipe up and Hold the screen to see Recent Apps slider.
  4. Scroll the recent apps slides to find the Messages App there.
  5. Swipe the Messages App Slide to close and quit it completely.
  6. Don't do anything, put your iPhone aside for sometime.
  7. After a few minutes, unlock your iPhone.
  8. Find out Messages App and tap on it to launch the app.
  9. Check if your iPhone messages are appearing or still disappeared.

If this technique cannot bring your disappeared messages back then you should try our next method.

02. Turn Off iMessage and MMS in iPhone Settings

iMessage is a wonderful feature in iPhone. This feature allows you to send and receive messages between various apple devices. You can find this feature in your iPhone settings. When your iPhone messages are disappeared, you should turn iMessage off and turn it on again after sometime. This trick can help you get your disappeared messages back in your iPhone. Please go through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to iPhone Settings.
  2. Find and Select "Messages" section.
  3. Tap on "iMessage" option to turn it off.
  4. Navigate to "MMS Messaging" option and tap to turn it off.
  5. Leave your iPhone aside for some minutes.
  6. Go to iPhone Settings and turn on "iMessage" and "MMS Messaging."
  7. Check Messages App to know if disappeared messages are back.

03. Restore Backup from iTunes

As a responsible iPhone user, you should take backup of your iPhone data. You can take backup to iCloud or your Mac System. If you have the latest backup in iCloud or on Mac then this method is for you. It is very simple, just connect your iPhone to Mac, then restore backup from iTunes on Mac.

Steps to Restore Backup on iPhone from iTunes on Mac:

  1. Launch iTunes on your Mac and make sure that it is the latest version.
  2. Connect your iPhone to Mac with help of your iPhone USB Data Cable.
  3. Check upper left corner of iTunes App window to find out device icon.
  4. Click on device icon and select Summary in the left sidebar.
  5. Navigate to "Backups" section and select "iCloud" or "This computer" wherever you have the latest backup.
  6. Click on "Restore Backup" button and choose the latest backup file to proceed.
  7. Wait till the restore process gets over and your iPhone restarts automatically.
  8. Check Messages App and you will find all your messages back in your Inbox.

In this way, you can fix the iPhone messages disappeared problem on your iPhone device.

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