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Protests Flare Against Donald Trump’s Election
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NEW YORK — Thousands of protesters dissatisfied by Donald Trump’s stunning victory took to city streets on Wednesday, from New York to Seattle.

In Manhattan, thousands converged on Union Square in a light rain and prepared to march uptown to the president-elect’s home at Trump Tower. Protesters hoisted signs like “Bad Hombre” and “Not My President,” and anti-Trump chants echoed through the crowd. Police made several arrests.

Jackie Smith, 53, of Staten Island, said she was blindsided by the election outcome. 

“There’s a lot of blame to go around,  but I blame myself,” said Smith. “Instead of laughing at Trump, I should have been out protesting.”

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore, who attended the rally, told The Huffington Post that protesters must not falter in their opposition to Trump. 

“We had all those big protests before the Iraq War and once the war started, everyone stopped protesting,” Moore said. “This time, we keep it up and we don’t stop till he’s out of there.”

Read More At Huffingtonpost.

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