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The thoughts you get when you miss someone dearly
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      I'm missing you deeply, I look out at the sky and picture you speaking sweetly. I'm here missing you like crazy, I'm here talking to the stars, just dazing, wondering how you're doing. I think to myself whether my love for you is showing, as I stare at my reflection in the sea water I spot the moon. The moon gives me hope and I know that I'll see you soon. Waves and waves of anticipation hits me because I want to see you. Nights and nights of no sleep just thinking of you.....

        I imagine myself caressing you after nights of no emotion, I'm ready to give you all the love and affection you deserve. You're the only one that puts my heart in motion, you are the only one that can make my lips curve. You would always get on my nerves but I only argued because I cared. There is not one minute that I can't stop thinking about you. As I'm out sailing in the deep ocean blue, I'm looking at the moon still thinking of you.....

        Days and days pass, yet again there is nothing new that I heard from you. I toss and turn wanting to take everything back and return back to your arms, a place so safe with no harm.I'm getting closer to land, in hopes that I get to see you and hold your hand. If only you knew how I felt you would understand that what I'm gonna do with you is not going to be a one night stand. The moment I see you I will be so glad, I regret ever leaving you in my past. Let's start over again, let's pretend we never had those wars that would never end. Yet here I am again looking at the moon still thinking of you in hopes that I hear from you soon.

                                                                                                                               ~Cynthia Duran

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