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The mind of a rebel
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      A jailbird I am, I sing the tunes of a lonely man. The fear is lost composing my imprisoned thoughts.Chained away is my heart that hasn't stopped. More over anything I applaud things that give shock, I don't stop for a second to watch, the thoughts about others don't apply to my cognitive process. I suppose you can say that I'm too honest, that to me it does not matter what others may speak about me, all I know is, is that I am a jailbird that sings.

     My wings have taken me far but lately I've been falling,  I'm not a child that can't see through opaque visions, I'm an adult in a child's body. Excuse me for not having a reason, but what is the use of logic without emotion being included. My heart beats bum-bumpedee-bump, but it slowly murmurs a bum-droopedee-droop for my heart has lost its emotions so soon. How could  something so pure lose all meaning and have no life while the other thoughts take over and show you who you really are. You don't like whom you've become but sometimes things happen for a reason, I guess I can't say the same about other adults and children for I am me and I am the same jailbird that sings, I am the little rebel that lives in everybody 

                                                                                                     ~Cynthia Duran

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nice! thx for sharing..
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