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The beauty of life and its mysterious meaning
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        The blossoming light that we awaken to everyday, the beautiful beaming sunny ray. The one that gives us life and an image portraying a knife cutting out the bad that's in our way. A beautiful serenade of passion and delight, a feeling we get that's so peaceful that so great that we can't deny. A thought that stays caressing your mind. A thing that you don't want to end for it has windows that hasn't been opened yet. Something that holds all the good and the bad cries, a thing that we have all come to love and know as life.

         Life..... what is life? Is life what happens in between the beginning and end? Could it be such a word, a meaning that we can't comprehend? Life is like the waves in the ocean raising and crashing,slowly going to its ending. Is it something that our hearts get when we see someone or the pleasure we feel when we get sprung on love? Life... the question that caresses our mind and gives us new thoughts. Who would have known that such a thing could hold so much meaning?

         Like the beginning of spring when flowers bloom and branches grow on trees., when animals give birth and bees make honey. When the wind whirls and makes a symphony, and how the ocean has beautiful coral reefs. Life has pages and pages of everlasting stories, it's up to you to read them and make a good choice.Life is a beautiful thing to experience, its something that's very mysterious.

                                                                                                         ~Cynthia Duran

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