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My boyfriend and the way he is
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           My boyfriend is the one to hand me flowers before days end. He takes me every weekend to watch the sunset. When I'm cranky he brings me chocolate. When I'm down he says I'm his queen and I should be wearing a crown, that a queen to be shouldn't let her tiara fall. He's the one that lifts my spirits up when something happens abrupt.

           My boyfriend is the silliest person I have come to know and love. Me and him fit together like a glove. Hand in hand we look into each others eyes and blush. Together our intimacy overpowers any drug. Our addiction towards each other is grand. No one else has the mindset to understand that for our love you need more than just a manual in hand. Our love is on another level to comprehend I know that good things come to an end but with him anything can happen.

        My boyfriend even writes me romantic poems like:

                       Roses are red, violets are blue I'm counting the days until I get to see you

   What's even better is, is that my boyfriend can rap, he always raps about me until I distract him. He says my eyes reflect every star. He says that the sun gets jealous because my smile is bright he says that no one like me deserves to be left alone to cry. He says if I'm lonely he's just a phone call away, that no matter what trouble I'm in he'll be on his way to see me and caress me in my time of need. Gosh my boyfriend turns me into the idiot I never believed I would be. All I can say is, is that my boyfriend is perfect to me.

                                                                                                                             ~Cynthia Duran 

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thanked by the blogger    .   jbreviewsonyt
Mostly poems based on nature and the beauty of nature I read first time in my life this poem.It totally depend on two persons who survive in love.No doubt, Cynthia Duran is one of the famous poet and she wrote poems on different topics. environmental infographics
thanked by the blogger    .   Ryan Tucker
Sounds like you found a great guy
  .   Ariel Seashell
Thank you, it pleases me to find out that people still read my poems. Your words encourages me to make more.
  .   Pippa Lambert
Awe, that was really sweet!
  .   Ariel Seashell
Awe,thank you very much!
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